An open letter to Prime Minister Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi

An open letter to Prime Minister Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi

Thursday 17-03-2016 | 2:52:43

An open letter to Prime Minister Dr Haidar al-AbbadiMohammed Tawfiq Allawi / I rejoiced people are good and I am of them in the press on September 21, your conference in 2015, when you said “we seek to achieve fairness and justice, and will not sit back on the reforms even if it cost me my life,” and then you said, “The fight against political quota system is an essential part of the fight against corruption, because personal loyalty or partisan leads to provide close to the professionals account, “and” this is an injustice destroys society will not allow it. ”

And now began to move towards a government of technocrats, and you make an approach from 105 pages; dear brother must be through the strategy to work, ministries, and it must form investigative committees to hold accountable the corrupt and this is part of the reform, but it does not have the curriculum only, because real reform is the implementation of the reform curriculum roadmap setting and two paragraphs Ttrguetm them as above is a full reformist approach, if applied rigorously much as you can for the country’s leadership to the beach land of peace in this tempestuous sea Allchi of hot events and intractable problems large and daunting obstacles and tragedies.

No secret to anyone that the citizens are wondering who they are close to the adviser, Dr. Haider al-Abadi ?, Are they professionals or are they from partisan ?, Is it really has been the removal of party members who have been appointed in the time of al-Maliki in sensitive positions of deputy ministers to inspectors general to the heads of bodies to the governor the central bank to general managers were replaced by professionals, or installed partisans was replaced by professionals.

What is hoped that the government of technocrats should start from the Prime Minister, I’m not saying the Prime Minister should step down and be replaced by someone of technocrats, but to the Prime Minister prove to be President to act for Iraq and for the interest of Iraq and that his loyalty to the nation and not the party must submit his loyalty to the homeland on his loyalty to the party in a practical, nor achieved only by leaving the party or the minimum set of professionals in the office and they take as advisors and not rely on party members of his own party.

I have learned that some people within certain centers may be imposed on you, and I am of all these centers, I will address the Governor of the Central Bank of the center, not from a personal perspective, but in terms of the importance of this place in this circumstance Economic sensitive to the country, I am more than an article and PBS has shown that there are daily thefts through a central bank auction of more than four million dollars every day, as the Maaabieh central bank rate of dollars every day auction of between 150 to 200 million dollars, and the country’s need to import amounting to less than half this amount, though the difference between the purchase price of 1190 dinars to the dollar and the market price, which ranges today between (1260) to (1280) dinars to the dollar means that there is a daily theft of dollar reserves of between (4) to (7) million dollars a day, a simple calculation we discover that the total annual thefts of not less than one billion and a half billion dollars, I do not think that there is any theft of any of the ministries that have been the removal of its ministers if we assume the existence of thefts exceed this amount, you would really want to fight corruption, it’s under your hand and you can stop the thefts in one day and the decision of one as I will discuss below.

But there is the case of the most serious of these thefts is much; The state is now undergoing economic status is very difficult, it was stolen during the previous years in various amounts roads could not be valued and perhaps have exceeded three hundred billion dollars, though much of these amounts are present in Iraq, and seeks muggers to be converted into outside of Iraq, and I remind you of this incident that you must have heard at the beginning of the year (2015) where he tried three people affiliated with a particular smuggle 160 kg of gold through a plane at Baghdad international Airport, and I was in that traveling today on that same plane, which was delayed because of this incident, we have been prevented from traveling with this amount of gold, and did not know what happened after that, now because of the central bank’s policy does not require such a risk and exposure ordered them, whether inside Iraq or who Christt their saddlebags where, because the central bank provides them with smuggling the money and stolen legitimately mechanism, it is needed more than a false User can buy the spoilers in every day between (75) to (100) million, and turning them to the outside, they’ve dealt with dozens of MPs to this reality (of brother Jawad Alshahyla issue -ald_ak_ih Almmzkh- to the late Dr. Ahmad Chalabi to Mr. Haitham al-Jubouri, a sister Magda Tamimi and others), and worse than that the central bank was a few months ago, it gives those who want to transfer money abroad pricier preferential (ie 1187) dinars to buy every dollar converts out of Iraq and not (in 1190) for those dollar wants inside Iraq, said that the annual amounts that drain from the central bank reserves in this way for thieves only non-traders may exceed $ 17 billion, and the process now under way on an equal and bounds every day, I have worked with you in the economic and investment commission in the House, and by virtue of your experience You know the numbers that remind her accuracy, though you have any doubt Vholk some specialists who can install it, but I am assured that you will not need them.

I am as reported do not want to accuse Mr. Ali Keywords Governor of the Central Bank of any indictment, because the principle that no aspects of indictment to anyone if I am not certain about that, you might say that Mr. on the Keywords efficiently in the office, I do not want to questioning my personal opinion, competence, but I hope to check out the interview a few days ago with (Patrick Osgood Patrick Osgood) and published on many news sites, please look carefully to his answers to the questions directed to him to learn the amount of his efficiency, and says it imposed on, and this is what I received from you, I have I said at the press above your conference (will not just sit back on the reforms even if it cost me my life), and I tell you assured, will not now one dares to threaten your life, if someone dared to it in the present day has sentenced himself to death, go ahead on the insight of your order for reform relying God.

With all that you do not need that, Mr. Ali Keywords displaces its location, but to stop the large-scale corruption and the appalling attrition reserve for the State of Iraq Resolution hand and you can take any of the steps mentioned below, or both:

1. to stop relying on forged to sell the dollar for the thieves and the corrupt lists, and in return assume the central bank or commercial bank (open letter of credit) (Letter of Credit-L / C), where care of the vehicle can be sure that the money will pay for the company exported until the arrival of the goods at a point Iraqi border.

2. To take action (payment upon presentation of shipping documents) (Cash Against Documents- Documentary Collection – D / C) where he pays the amount of the company exported once issued to shipping documents, this method cost less, and less complicated than (L / C) and can be followed to import simple quantities of goods, particularly from neighboring countries such as Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others.

So that if you use any of these methods is above universally recognized by the international banks rather than policy currently pursued in Iraq only the odds of all countries of the world in the adoption of counterfeit menus (the intended fraud here is not to export goods to Iraq); you have the decision with your hand to stop corruption and thefts to impose any of the methods above where sorted seventeen billion dollars per year of waste and transfer to accounts outside Iraq for these muggers and corrupt on the underdog to the people who suffer the scourge of poverty, displacement and displacement in various parts of the world account.

My dear brother, Dr. Haider, the problem is not in the government of technocrats, if formed of all its members government of technocrats and they were corrupt would be doomed to failure applicable, we have seen in previous governments, many of technocrats corrupt, albeit accounted for all its members a government of political parties, but they are incompetent and honest it would be doomed to success, Yes, there are positive features of technocrats, where they can not form the economic committees of the theft as do political parties now, and technocrats do not get on the same reference level of his party like a human being partisan, and technocrats may not be forced to close members of his own party on the other, this is true remaining features of the Government of technocrats, but the fundamental problem remains the major integrity and efficiency.

We’re now at a crossroads, either to act as a patriot Iraqis and not Khzba, and away you partisan advisers who are working for their personal interests and the interests of the party that could be contrary to the interest of the country, will succeed then a great success; there are people incompetent nonpartisan you know well may be replaced by their party affiliation is incompetent, and there are big heads of corruption has gone too far in corruption in previous periods has contributed significantly to bring us to the dire situation we are in today, if they are addressed fatal blows and are placed with prisons as your student good reference and also prompts children of thy people of demonstrators, Vsaagaf all the people with you, and Stssondk good reference, and will succeed in saving the country from the tragic reality, I’ve uttered a word can perpetuate with you (will not just sit back on the reforms even if it cost me my life), then going to spend eternity your name in history and will be a great reward when Allah and your reward is immense.

If remained hesitant, and remained entourage themselves, and stayed breath partisan tyrant on the national breath, and remained the heads of corruption at large, it would apply timeless your word on this situation when I said (personal loyalty or partisan leads to provide close to the professionals account and this injustice destroys society will not allow it ) will continue then the deterioration of the country, and will continue the suffering of the people, and will destroy the community, and I’m afraid that does not remind you of the history okay.