Ebadi: I promise to achieve the reforms and will not deter us

Ebadi: I promise to achieve the reforms and will not deter us difficulties and obstacles and anti campaigns

3/17/2016 0:00

Ebadi - I promise to achieve the reforms and will not deter usBAGHDAD – Al- Sabah ,
Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces , Dr. Haider al – Abadi pledged to achieve reforms and not to retreat on their implementation , despite the difficulties and obstacles and campaigns anti, calling for continued commitment Bslmah demonstrations and cooperate with the security services to protect protesters.
Among Abadi in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people that the past few days the days of multiple and sustained effort accomplished the reform document was presented to the political blocs , public opinion and the media.
In the following speech , Prime Minister and the text: In the
name of God the Merciful
(say work soon will Allah observe your work and his Messenger and the believers) the truth of God Almighty
confirmation of Matahdna done to our people Karim in moving reform and the fight against corruption, it has been the past few days days multiplier and a sustained effort accomplished the reform document was presented to the political blocs , public opinion and the media, and the document is a platform and a clear road map and program of action to overcome the security, economic and societal challenges. We give the parliamentary blocs have community events and a whole week to submit their candidates for ministerial positions from them and from other professionals and technocrats under the conditions stated controls and standards. Dear Brothers: We have provided the political document of the political blocs to put everyone in front of their responsibilities, all the blocks participation in the political process and the government at the same time , and we look forward in the next phase of clarity in attitudes can not be that she be with reform and I share in the reform and is not acceptable for any party to be post in the government which is against the government at the same time, and as you know we are the first to launch a project of political reform process and all hung out of the wrong practices, and if we admit the existence of Auvsad glitch here and there, it must Nsalehh. And we knew from the beginning that the path of reform is hard and long , and goals and objectives noble not be realized immediately and are not without solidarity and cooperation and take all of their responsibilities, because reform is not an individual responsibility or factional it is a national duty and a legitimate and humanist, has a century Almighty faith through good deeds, as well as the efforts the fight against corruption can not succeed only with the participation of everyone .. citizens and institutions and the media.
for our part we have provided and continue to provide necessary and direct support to the work of the regulatory and judicial organs and body integrity, inspectors general and financial control and the judges all of us to be able to open the files of corruption and prosecuting corrupt without any fear or discrimination.
In under the hard and painstaking work in the implementation of reforms and the fight against corruption, we emphasize that the priority remains to sustain the fight against the «Daash» terrorist until the final victory, and that efforts should be focused to strengthen military and security effort and continue to victories impressive in all breakers of confrontation and editing operations, in Anbar province , which will be free fully God willing we started we are taking steps to rebuild its children displaced people to their cities and homes to contribute to the stability and rebuild and provide basic her services, and we are here to support the federal government for this national and humanitarian effort and we commend the cooperation and volunteer work in the IDP service and reduce their suffering, and we look forward to opening a new page in stabilizing Anbar which has suffered greatly from the penetration of terrorist gangs and Makhalafth of great destruction.
that any side issue no matter how important, is not permitted to occupy us for the perpetuation of the existential battle that we are waging against terrorism effort, and he may not be overfed sacrifices and blood dear martyrs and the wounded, and to Anhml our fighters heroes more than they bear the making in defense of the homeland and the people in the fronts and inside the cities , where dealing with terrorism , which is looking for opportunities to loss selves innocent and destroy everything.
Faced with this challenge, we renew our call to the continued commitment Bslmah demonstrate and to cooperate with the security forces charged with protecting the demonstrators in addition to other duties that we have mentioned. We emphasize standing beside the citizens and ensure their constitutional right to freedom of expression and the freedom of expression and to demonstrate that we have the right as a country and people that we are proud of and Nsunha and protect it , and we renew our directives to your brothers in the security services to do their best to protect citizens and demonstrators and public security in Baghdad and the provinces, and Aleighthaonowa in addressing any armed appearance of breaking the law and disrupt the private and public interests. We also stress the importance of respecting the law and abide by the instructions of the competent security agencies in terms of where and when to pretend including security of citizens and state institutions are not endangered. To Aevotna to salute the steadfastness of Taza and stubble Bashir who had been attacked sinner coward by Daash criminal gang that used toxic substances against civilians , which led to the death of a child and wounding a number of civilians were injured, and despite the ugliness of this crime, the «Daash» wanted to broadcast the horror message to compensate for the big defeats in Anbar and Samarra , and in anticipation of confirmed and final defeat in Mosul, which we prepared for the kit cleared in the near future with the help of God Almighty. And I assure you that «Daash» he can not exercise the crimes have not practiced yet and this is the best reached by the thought of a criminal and is not and will not Arabna but Snguets him and revenge and more revenge. We have pledged to you yesterday liberalization of provinces and cities usurped «Daash», has fulfilled Bahdna, and we will continue editing operations until the final victory. We also pledge to you to achieve reforms, and we promise that we will not retreat and will not deter us about the difficulties and obstacles and anti campaigns. Renew our tribute to the fighters heroes who achieve victories Psoadhm and blood, and liberate the land of Iraq , Aziz. Greetings to all the loyal employees and a tribute to the Mtsidin corruption and Almmvsudain. Greetings to everyone and who stands with us to achieve the reforms sought by our dear people. God fever Iraq and its people.