Defense Minister confirmed that Iraq seeks to join (GCC) Gulf Cooperation Council

said Iraqi Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi agency on Tuesday that his country is seeking to enter in the system of the Cooperation Council for the Persian Gulf states.

Dulaimi said in a statement reported for ” Twilight News “that” this (accession) as Iraqis hope, and we will be an active and important role in the Council. “

He criticized some media that point to the existence of differences between Iraq and the Arab world, saying it was “paid its horns industry differences and heat up with the Gulf States and then deepened in order to deprive Iraq of returning to the Arab world.”

He pointed out that to be for Iraq to play a “role expected of it in Arab development and to compensate the errors of the past by creating a strong Arab coalition.”

He said that “some newspapers write sometimes Topics painful about Iraq as if they were talking about the country gave up its Arabism and the loss of any link with the Arab world, if One of them went to Basra will find that art and culture, fashion, the whole Gulf, and even the tone of the population as well.”

He called al-Dulaimi, the Gulf States and Arab building a common security system, and said that “a nation without security coordination can not promote, because the challenges are many, and we have to cooperate in this aspect.”