Details “important and exciting” about encounters with Brett Macgork Fuad Masum, and Haider

Details “important and exciting” about encounters with Brett Macgork Fuad Masum, and Haider al-Abadi and Saleem al-Jubouri

March 7, 2016

Details important and exciting about encounters with Brett Macgork Fuad Masum, and HaiderLinks Centre for Research and Strategic Studies revealed encounters representative of the American president in the international coalition Brett Macgork in Baghdad with a number of Iraqi officials details.

The center said that Macgork focused in his meeting with Iraqi leaders on the issue of reforms they represent a very important for the management of US President Barack Obama, where Macgork stressed the importance of moving Iraq forward in the political, economic and social reforms because they are considered a real way out of the crises of Iraq and which suffered since Alvin and three, as it strengthens the international coalition front in fighting al Daash.

The center said that Macgork told Iraqi officials in Baghdad on the extent of discomfort and resentment of the US administration of rampant corruption in all aspects of the Iraqi political system and told them that US Vice President Joe Biden will meet on the tenth of this month in the UAE, the staff of the US administration involved in the Iraqi issue and the focus in his talks with them on the Russian military intervention in Syria and the impact of the popular crowd at the Iraqi scene as well as the preparations for the United States to the battle of Mosul and financial aid conditional to Iraq and that they will be spent in case proceed effectively in the application of political, security, economic and social reforms in Iraq.

The center can not visit by US Vice President Joe Biden to Iraq in spite of the leadership of his country’s international coalition against al Daash and the presence of US troops on Iraqi territory is nothing but a clear indication of the discomfort of the United States of the Iraqi political process and sponsored since the year two thousand and three, but veered a lot about the course of American politics today, Iraq has become a subject full of Iranian influence and managed one way or another by the allies of the militias that committed crimes against humanity under the pretext of the fight against Daash in some Sunni areas Ktkirc in Salahuddin province and Muqdadiyah in Diyala province.

As between the center said the message he wanted to lead them Brett Macgork during his meetings with Iraqi President Fuad Masum and Prime Minister Haidar al-Abbadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, it is that the real challenge facing Iraq is not only lies in the elimination of terrorism, but the real challenge begins in Iraq after the stage organize Daash Iraq achieved at home kind of broader security and political and economic stability.