National Alliance meeting .. Maliki’s refusal to attend and Abadi board to “resign”

This Khvaya National Alliance meeting .. Maliki’s refusal to attend and Abadi board to “resign”

Published on: 01/03/2016, 12:22

National Alliance meeting - Malikis refusal to attend and Abadi board to resignBAGHDAD / Hassan Shammari:

A leading figure in the Islamic Supreme Council, Tuesday, mysteries National Alliance meeting, pointing out that the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s refusal to attend, as he emphasized that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi board to “resign” and enter the country in case of a constitutional vacuum.

The leader in a press statement seen by “Sky Press,” “The National Alliance blocs failed to reach agreement on a new form of government after the forthcoming amendment, the center holds some of the blocks to its position between those who call not to change and see the need for a comprehensive change of government extends to the Prime Minister himself. what enhances these leaks invited the cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, to organize massive demonstrations in front of the gates of the green Zone in Baghdad and in front of the headquarters of the local government in southern and central provinces calling for reform and an end to the current situation.

In this context, says the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council, he said that “the meeting between al-Abadi and members of the Secretariat of the Alliance, which lasted until late on Sunday (yesterday) and lasted for about three hours, ended without a mention as a result, after the insistence of al-Abadi to attend the heads of the coalition blocks and do not send their representatives to the meeting. ”

According to the leader himself, the meeting included members of the Secretariat of the Alliance: Ammar al-Hakim, and Hussein al-Shahristani, and on the Keywords, and Zia al-Asadi, and Khodair al, Abdul-Karim al-Ansari, as well as a representative of the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, as it rejected the last attendance.

The attention of the source to be “Abadi waved again to quit and enter the country in case of a constitutional vacuum that blocks did not give him help,” an advocate for the idea of ​​a cabinet reshuffle, and the exclusion of ministers of the blocks and the appointment of other ministers to focus on the need to move away from political recycling, citing Minister of the current transfer Baqir Jabr which is still a minister since the first government formed by Paul Bremer after the US occupation of Iraq until now, moving between the ministries of interior, housing and reconstruction, financial, transport and offline effects. He also pointed out that this policy has arranged a “naming ministers from the Dawa party involved acts of theft and exploitation of authorities such as the minister, Abdul Falah al-Sudani and former trade minister.”

The source suggests that “al-Abadi told the assembled impossibility of the success of the current government unless it is implemented internal reforms in, and the independence of the decisions taken by the government away from the political parties represented by the Minister that”.

According to the source, the “four out of the three blocks has refused to put Abadi and considered unconvincing, and agreed to be the new amendment radical Abadi to include himself.”