Parliamentary Finance: The government does not have data on smuggled money

Parliamentary Finance: The government does not have data on smuggled money and rely on social networking

02/23/2016 11:46

Parliamentary Finance - The government does not have data on smuggled money[Where – special]
said the parliamentary Finance Committee member Jabbar al-Abadi, said the executive bodies that attended the parliament session yesterday, does not have data on Iraqi funds smuggled base abroad.
The House of Representatives hosted during its meeting on Monday, February 22, vice chairman of the Integrity Commission and the President of the Board of Supreme Audit and the agents of the foreign and finance ministries and a representative of the Office of the fight against money laundering and the representative of the Judicial Council to the meeting to review their procedures about recovering money diverted.
The MP said Abadi, he told all of Iraq [where], “the executive bodies that attended the House of Representatives yesterday, showing they do not have any database of funds out of Iraq and did not take any ways or means to recover these funds, with evidence that Iraqi funds Redemption Fund which was formed under law No. 9 of 2012 did not recovers any dinars while allocated more than 20 billion dinars annual budget every year, “noting that” the fund headed by the Deputy Minister of Finance. ”
he added that the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance,” said the [Fund] did not meet only nine times in four or five years, ” noting that “the numbers and names that are reported by those who attended the meeting, and the information that has traded in the means of social communication, not a secret which is well known and did not come with something new.”
He noted a member of Finance representative to the executive bodies, “said one minister, a well-known and Mmsaolin others have been mentioned issued against them arrest warrants as they are known and even these names say it is still not a foregone conclusion. ”
He pointed Abadi, that” the executive bodies appear to have been taken or were not on the amount of attention this serious file that the House felt that poses a higher committee headed by a Vice-chairman of the board House of Representatives, as well as membership of the presidencies of committees on which the financial, security, defense, and foreign affairs, legal, and integrity, take on the meeting of the Executive approaching concerned with this file out the vision of the Media Council of Representatives nearest chance to be the picture is clear. ”
He said the refund file” requires contract agreements bilaterally with the states, and the need to have at least data on money diverted base before 2003 and after those belonging to the ousted former regime and corruption, which represent the smuggling of some funds by officials. ”
the head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, the face of yesterday, the formation of a supreme committee takes a his deputies management and the membership of committees of integrity, financial and legal foreign, security and defense and accountability, justice and relations, holds the prosecution and the recovery of smuggled money and a hearing with the executive bodies competent sessions, considering the subject of the Council’s priorities in the next phase tasks.