Urgent .. US ambassador in Baghdad: White House supports Abadi in a ministerial changes

Urgent .. US ambassador in Baghdad: White House supports Abadi in a ministerial changes

Wednesday 17-02-2016 | 1:28:39

Urgent - US ambassador in Baghdad - White House supports Abadi in a ministerial changesTwilight News / informed the US ambassador to Baghdad, Stuart Jones on Wednesday, the Presidium of the Iraqi parliament that the White House “the official central to the highest executive authority in the United States headquarters” supports the efforts of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in a ministerial changes to the current government.

This came during a meeting with Vice-President of the House of Representatives Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, the American ambassador to Iraq, according to a statement issued by the Information Bureau of the first, it responded to Twilight News.

The statement said he was in the meeting reviewed the latest developments in the security and political situation and recent developments on the Iraqi arena and what is happening now from the events in the region and the continued efforts and joint cooperation between Baghdad and Washington in fighting al Daash terrorist and reduce the risk of these armed groups.

According to this statement, Sheikh Mohammed has announced its full support in the trend towards cabinet reshuffle in order to activate the role of government and state institutions.

The statement quoted the deputy head of the House of Representatives as saying “strongly support any change of government in the interest of the Iraqi people and to choose a professional competent personalities.”

He called Sheikh Mohammed, to the need to discuss ways to contain the economic crisis in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region due to lower global oil prices, and the importance of the resumption of relations between Baghdad and Erbil naturally to address the problems and outstanding issues between the two sides, stressing the need for continued support from the American side, which plays a pivotal role in the region and our country is going through a difficult phase and we need to stand friendly countries to pass the crises and difficulties.

For his part, the US ambassador, said that “the White House supports all efforts of the Government of Abadi, in the course of the ministerial change and choose a professional figures to fill the ministerial portfolios,” stressing at the same time his country’s keenness to stabilize the situation in Iraq and the region.

Jones also stressed proceed in providing military and logistical assistance and training Iraqi forces to continue the war against the terrorist Daash and the return of displaced people to their areas liberated.