Allawi’s “Culture”: I suggest re-Shabibi and hiring experts to save economy

Allawi’s “Culture”: I suggest re-Shabibi and hiring experts to save economy

GMT 13:55 2016 Friday, February 5

Allawi - I suggest re-Shabibi and hiring experts to save economyPresident of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, suggested the Iraqi government restore the former Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, and the use of a panel of financial experts, and the formation of an economic body to save Iraq, also did not rule out the government had resorted to borrowing from the financial reserves of the Central Bank, after describing the actions as “blundering” and this at a time when Iraq is moving towards the establishment of free zones in four Iraqi provinces.

Muhammad Gazan: advised the President of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, the Iraqi government with the help of experts, economic and financial, and the formation of a body to save the Iraqi economy, guiding compass government, which suffered from the bankruptcy in order to get out of the financial crisis, as Iraq intends to establish free zones in four provinces, with the launch of the Central Bank of the amount 6 trillion Iraqi dinars for agricultural, industrial, real estate and banks granted to citizens.

Said Iyad Allawi, a Secretary-General of the National Accord Movement, in an interview for “Culture”, “The Iraqi government in the event of bankruptcy, and it must be geared to get loans, has tried it, and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari discussed successfully secured loans from the World Bank borders billion and 200 million dollars, and there are going to get two billion dollars attempts. ”

The Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, called yesterday, the World Bank to support Iraq economically out of the financial crisis, caused by lower crude oil prices, in addition to his war against al Daash, according to what was confirmed by his adviser Imad al-Khafaji, who said the “Elaf” the Jubouri met in this regard with the affairs of Iraq file an official at the World Bank Hafez Ghanem.

Iyad Allawi stressed that the Iraqi government “needs more than these amounts, nor surprised by she went to the reserve in the Central Bank of Iraq,” adding that “a brother Shabibi former bank problems, which was a man still potent and fair, is standing in the face of any attempts to infringe on the financial reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq, and he stresses the survival of this reserve and the inadmissibility of the money it disbursed. ”

• economic body and the return of Shabibi
Allawi expressed the view that “hinders the financial crisis in Iraq, as well as head of the Central Bank of Iraq by proxy, is that there are no knowledgeable, professional and efficient in the Iraqi Central Bank managing economic body, is working on the Iraqi central leadership, and management of financial file in Iraq, out of the crisis experienced by Iraq. ”

“It was assumed that the government come experts million and economists, there is nothing wrong with the help of expertise Shabibi (former Governor of the Central Bank) and Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi (Minister of Commerce and former finance) and others, and the formation of an economic body to save Iraq at this juncture.” He pointed to the importance that “this committee will provide directions and perceptions about the financial crisis and possible solutions to overcome them and scientific.”

• floundering
Allawi “But what happened is that the government, as in past mistakes, came with people across the regional political and sectarian gates, which played a role in determining who are the leaders of the economy in Iraq, and directing compass, this is something that should never be.”

He criticized what he described as “confusion” in the footsteps of the Iraqi government to confront the financial crisis, pointing to the manifestations of the “Declaration of austerity in a way ill-considered affected by the poor and middle class and merging ministries are costing the state more than it was costing Two ministries.”

• Launching sums projects
The Iraqi parliament discuss the government’s plans to overcome the financial crisis with the current governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, and Director General of the Agricultural Bank Mohammad Hadi and General Manager of Industrial Bank Kazem fistula.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed, in a statement received “Elaf” a copy of the importance that the central bank seeks to “secure liquidity and prevent the creation of the beneficiaries of the crisis on the market and the expense of the economy.”

“We old fiscal policies exceeded, methods and work hard it possible to provide aid and loans to citizens in all governorates of Iraq and the Kurdistan region, and the financing of their projects to revive the domestic market, the encirclement of the repercussions of the economic crisis, caused by the drop in oil prices rates globally.”

For his part, on the Keywords that the central bank “has taken all measures in order to support the citizens and the private sector, and specifically in this period,” adding that “the Bank launched a $ 6 trillion Iraqi dinars, agricultural, industrial and real estate for banks and granted to citizens, by small and medium enterprises in order to move the market and create new employment opportunities. ”

• Free zones
Iraqi Finance Ministry formed a special committee to raise the state’s non-oil revenues to cope with the financial crisis, which hit the country, after a drop in oil prices in global markets.

The government statement received a “Elaf” copy of it that “has been the formation of a committee headed by the Inspector General and the membership and managers Ami General Administration of Customs and General Administration of Taxation and the Department of Real Estate State and the General Authority for Free Zones to develop a working paper to raise revenue in several stages,” adding that in light of this search “the establishment of specialized free zones in Shalamcheh and Safwan and Zurbatiyah and within the vicinity of airports Baghdad, Basra and Najaf.”