Maliki meet “Monroe” as “the First Vice-President of the Republic”

Maliki meet “Monroe” as “the First Vice-President of the Republic”

Monday 11-01-2016 | 5:31:21

Maliki meet Monroe as - the First Vice-President of the RepublicTwilight News / received former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki New Zealand Ambassador to Iraq, James Monroe, under the status of “First Vice-President of the Republic.”

Maliki says the abolition of office unconstitutional, which made him insist on the use described. But his colleagues Iyad Allawi and Osama Najafi stopped using a recipe with the exception of Vice President al-Maliki.

A statement issued by Maliki’s office that “During the meeting, they discussed progress of the bilateral relations between Iraq and New Zealand and practical ways to consolidate in various fields.”

He stressed “the importance of relations between Iraq and New Zealand, cementing the need for the interests of the peoples of the two friendly countries,” explaining that “the positions of New Zealand’s important support for Iraq and in favor of its issues, particularly in the area of ​​the war on terrorism.”

For his part, Ambassador James Monroe said his country “is looking to establish better relations with Iraq and invest them in the interests of the two friendly peoples,” explaining that “New Zealand appreciates and supports the role of Iraq in its war against gangs Daash”.