Finance: 57% of the oil revenues go to auction currency that stands behind corrupt politicians senior

Parliamentary Finance: 57% of the oil revenues go to auction currency that stands behind corrupt politicians senior

Saturday, January 09 2016 14:34

Finance - 57 percent of the oil revenues go to auction currency that stands behind corrupt politicians seniorBAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. revealed a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi, on Saturday, for the loss of 57% of oil imports, because of the central bank and financial policy, and Auctions currency conducted by asserting the existence of parties to the window, you protect those who circumvent the instructions to make a profit great.

Tamimi said in an interview with / Baghdadi News / “The current financial crisis in the country is not born of the moment, and that oil-exporting countries such as the Gulf and Iran do not depend on oil revenues they rely on industry and agriculture in addition to oil.”
She added that “93% of Iraq’s revenues are from oil-for-7% is a diversified revenue,” indicating that “oil prices down continuously in Iraq.”
She pointed out that “the Gulf countries depend on the fund so-called” generations fund “which are common in since the fifties of the last century, in the event of a financial crisis, there are development companies oversees the investments in those countries,” indicating that “Iraq lacks such processes or solutions in case of any economic crisis in the country. ”
He confirmed Tamimi that “Iraq is a unilateral economy which is oil, in addition to the existence of corruption Msthari in most state institutions unchecked her, and shared by most of the staff of these institutions,” pointing out that “Iraq is witnessing with low oil prices, the war against Daash terrorist, and this affects a negative impact on the Iraqi economy. ”
It showed that “Iraq’s budget in 2004 was estimated at 37 trillion dinars, which is escalating until it reached more than one hundred trillion dinars in the last year.”
She said, “Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari’s comments, which retracted impacted negatively on the Iraqi street, Mazad of criminal acts, assassinations and theft of homes and businesses,” indicating that “there is more time in front of the Minister of Finance to work on alternatives and solutions mode instead of statements provoke horror and dread the Iraqi people. ”
And it went Tamimi that “57% of the oil revenues go to the currency auction, which stands behind corrupt senior politicians, entering the auction without a balance to them, and put fake names up to the names of the deceased and present in the cemeteries, as well as registered accounts names cleaners or service workers “.
She added that “Iraqi oil will reach $ 20 per barrel, and that the great imbalance files of corruption in licensing contracts greatly impacted on the economy of Iraq,” indicating that “the licensing rounds not been submitted to the House of Representatives in 2010 and did not even been translated and signed quickly and sudden “.
He warned of “revolution and it called for a” revolution of hungry people, “because of the corruption of politicians and thieves of public funds”, noting that “this year will be a grim year for the Iraqi people.”
Tamimi It pointed out that “the one who holds the reins in Iraq’s money are not specialized in it, as the director of the Trade Bank of Iraq Hamdiya Dry is a graduate of a junior high and then after I graduated from the Faculty of Political Science for evening study, and is working other aspects of a far cry from Iraq’s economy “she said, adding that” the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari is a graduate of Sociology, in addition to the Rose Nuri Shaways not from within the financial specialization as well. ”
She said, “does not want the political blocs put the right person in the right place so that subordinates all the time and when,” indicating that “the government know who is the thief of Iraq’s money.”
Tamimi and showed that “Iraq’s oil not only to Iraq but it is for companies and corrupt and thieves of public funds”, noting that “the large section will escape out of Iraq from corrupt politicians because of their failure in the management of the country.”
She noted that “the development of Iraq’s economy in need of urgent solutions to either internal or external borrowing,” indicating that “external borrowing reached below zero from international borrowing, and this can not be for Iraq to borrow more from the International Monetary Fund.”
“The World Bank lent Iraq the value of one billion and 200 million dollars compared with 11.5% interest,” indicating that “internal borrowing is possible as well, Banks refrain from lending to Iraq for non-citizens’ confidence in the government.”
Altimima and said that “the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar will fall to reach 3000 dinars to the dollar,” pointing out that “the government wants to mortgage Iraq’s oil and the Iraqi people reject.”
Congratulated al-Tamimi, the government on “what brought Iraq to the corruption and the theft of his money” .anthy 21 / d