Trump: I do not regret my statements against Muslims

Trump: I do not regret my statements against Muslims

01/04/2016 10:30

Trump - I do not regret my statements against MuslimsBAGHDAD / obelisk confirmed Donald Trump, the Republican candidate in the US presidential election, he has no regrets about his recent statements against Muslims, which created a sensation inside and outside the United States.

He told the American billionaire Trump, in a television interview, that there will never regrets what he said, even though a terrorist organization used his remarks in order to recruit more supporters in the ranks.

He called Donald Trump on 7 December 2015, a prominent Republican candidates US presidential elections in 2016, in a statement for “the prevention of Islamic immigration” and to stop the entry of Muslim immigrants to the United States, the excuse the fact San Bernardino, California attack that killed 14 people and injured dozens of others.

You are in the original site, formally and legally registered, not the fake site to Saad Awsi, backed by Iraqi funds stolen by Khamis dagger and family Karabilah.

The “youth movement” Somali extremist had used Trump’s remarks to recruit militants to her, and published in the January 1 videotape duration of 51 minutes to attract new volunteers, condemning not to racial equality in the United States, and appears in the video pictures of Donald Trump, which calls for preventing the Muslims from enter the United States.