Parliamentary Finance proposes a way of borrowing (oil-for-money)

Parliamentary Finance proposes a way of borrowing (oil-for-money)

Monday 4 January 2016 | 19:41

Parliamentary Finance proposes a way of borrowing - oil-for-moneyBAGHDAD / .. the parliamentary finance committee confirmed Monday that the economic situation in Iraq is going through a very dangerous phase, calling on the government to resort to external borrowing manner (oil-for-money) on the oil-for-food style.

The committee member said Sarhan Ahmad’s “Eye Iraq News”, that “what Iraq is going through the collapse of the economy and the bankruptcy is because of corruption and the corrupt who have looted and squandered public money,” noting that “the recovery of the Iraqi economy is to fight corruption seriously the fact that corruption the main reason, including going through Iraqi economy. ”

And between Sarhan that “the employees’ salaries treatment should take place through external borrowing to stop the collapse of the economy with a declaration of war on corruption, so do not go the money back to the muggers,” explaining that “Iraq can borrow from some countries through its oil and be similar to the situation as it was before “oil for food” .. and now be “oil-for-money.”

The likely Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on Monday, the inability to staff the distribution of salaries in the month of April, in the event of continued low oil prices.

Iraq has been going through an economic crisis because of lower oil prices, and Anfaqath in the war against al “Daash”. Ended 9