American Institute: Saudi Arabia the largest supporter of Daash on “Twitter”

American Institute: Saudi Arabia the largest supporter of Daash on “Twitter”

12/30/2015 14:26 GMT

American Institute - Saudi Arabia the largest supporter of Daash on TwitterFollow-up – and babysit – revealed the American Institute “Brookings” that a large segment of Saudis support the organization “Daash” terrorist on social media, especially the “Twitter”.
Shows study conducted by the Institute that the vast majority of network “Twitter” pro’s “Daash” accounts emanating from Saudi Arabia, followed by Syria and then Iraq, which represents a surprise by any standard, as this may mean that the media team, who works for the terrorist organization probably works inside Saudi Arabia, and not from the Syrian city of Raqqa or Mosul, as is widely believed.

The study shows that the 866 account works in Saudi Arabia on the network “Twitter” to support the organization “Daash”, so to acquire UK for first place in the list of countries from which accounts to support the terrorist organization on “Twitter”.

In Syria, there are only 507 accounts, followed by Iraq 453 account, then the United States, which turned out to be the 404 accounts support the organization “Daash”, then Egypt, where there is a 326 account.

The pro accounts to organize Daash or in his name speaking on “Twitter” the first source and the most important information about the organization, in terms of which adopts the regulation of operations carried out by, as published by which data is broadcast through links recordings and videos is their production, and through which also published a magazine “glutinous” issued periodically for the organization in English.