Hegel opens fire on Obama’s policy in Syria

Hegel opens fire on Obama’s policy in Syria

12/19/2015 14:11

Hegel opens fire on Obamas policy in SyriaBAGHDAD / Obelisk: Shen former US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel a scathing attack on President Barack Obama’s policy on Syria to decline the summer of 2013 for a military strike against this country.

In his first comments since leaving the Pentagon made to Foreign Policy magazine Friday, 18 December, face a series of Hegel criticized the US president and including the retreat from attacking Syria, Mushir that it has damaged the credibility of the President of the United States.

And Hegel said that ‘history will determine whether the decision was correct or not Saeb … but I have no doubt’ that the incident ‘reduced the credibility of the word President’, stressing that he still hears foreign leaders complain until the day of the repercussions of Obama reverse bombing Syrian army forces.

According to Hegel, he suffered a stab in the back by the White House, and faced Loma he described the organization ‘Islamic state’ at the time that a group ‘We have not seen the likes of before’ after control ‘jihadists’ over large areas in Syria and Iraq.

The former minister ‘accused that I’m trying to exaggerate the order and surrender of most of its real size’ and added, ‘I did not know everything about it but I knew we face is never seen before … and we are not ready for him in several areas. ”

He added that the Obama administration ‘always faced difficulty in political strategy’ on Syria, but the situation has improved today with Foreign Minister John Kerry, who went off the right strategy, noting in this regard to the talks, which Kerry conducted with Russia, Iran and Arab governments.

It is noteworthy that Obama said in August / August 2013 that the use of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad chemical weapons will be ‘red line’. After accusations in this regard, the development of Hegel plans to launch a transient missiles against the Syrian army. But he did not issue the attack was approved by parliamentarians.

This, said a senior official in the administration of US President for the same magazine that Obama did not want a military operation without the consent of Congress.