Msdrl “Reuters”: “very likely” to lift the ban imposed on American exports of oil

Msdrl “Reuters”: “very likely” to lift the ban imposed on American exports of oil

12/12/2015 09:34 GMT

Msdrl Reuters - very likely to lift the ban imposed on American exports of oilAgencies – – said Assistant Senate that “very likely” to lift the ban imposed 40 years ago on most US exports of crude oil in government spending budget and that it was likely to continue talks on the final agreement on the budget during the weekend.
He asked not to be named Assistant to the nature of the ongoing talks.

Asked spokeswoman for Harry Reid, the minority leader in the Senate whether he is likely to lift the ban on oil exports, he said he had not yet been reached a final agreement.

And the holding of the House and Senate leaders of closed-door meetings in recent days to discuss whether it was possible to reach an agreement on the draft budget. It says energy companies and Republicans who lead both houses of Congress that the abolition of the ban will keep the boom in drilling for oil exploration in the United States and will give the allies of the United States to Russia and OPEC alternatives to get their supply of oil.

Opponents, including many Democrats in the Senate that it will display the oil refining, shipbuilding jobs at risk as operations that further drilling operations will harm the environment and increase the number of trains that carry crude oil.

The White House repeatedly said that President Barack Obama is opposed to a law to lift the ban in the budget and that Congress should instead work to help energy sources is harmful to the environment. The White House did not reach as far as saying that Obama will veto (veto) against spending that includes Unblock budget.