On the orders of Iran .. Abadi reject the entry of US troops into Iraq

On the orders of Iran .. Abadi reject the entry of US troops into Iraq

02-12-2015 04:00 PM

On the orders of Iran - Abadi reject the entry of US troops into IraqGeneral Commander of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s response to US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter about his country seeks the deployment of troops from his country in Iraq as part of the war on terror Daash gangs.

Ebadi said in a statement today, that “the Iraqi special forces and a counter-terrorism Tadian a major role in The battle against the terrorist Daash gangs.

“He added that these forces” have proven a remarkable capacity to target Daash leaders in the implementation of the most dangerous tasks in the cleansing cities and regain control of the vital and strategic areas of terrorists fighting, and continue these forces their performance successfully mastering in various combat zones, along with the rest of the formations fighter heroine that liberated large tracts of land usurped and is heading for the Liberation of the remaining ones insistence and determination.

“The statement pointed out that al-Abadi” confirms in his meetings with international partners invited and welcome the support of Iraqi forces with weapons and training and consultation, and no need for the forces fighting the wilderness of foreign on the ground in Iraq. ”

He pointed out that “the Iraqi government also emphasizes that any or spread of any particular foreign power or is private in any place in Iraq can not be done without their consent and coordination with and full respect for Iraqi sovereignty,” a military operation.

The US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Tuesday evening that his government will publish a special force reconnaissance to support Iraq in its war against Daash.

He Carter in testimony before the Armed Services Committee of Congress that “the US special force will deploy to carry out operations in Syria and strikes in Iraq,” adding that “these special forces will be able over time implementation raids and the release of the hostages and the collection of intelligence information and the families of Daash leaders.

“The chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the US Congress, John McCain has called for during his visit to Iraq to send 20 thousand US soldiers to Iraq and Syria to fight Daash.ord Abadi office to call McCain” not to need Iraq to these and that sufficient forces to defeat terrorism.

“According to a statement of the office said” the Iraqi government as it welcomes the increase in support in weapons and training and support of international partners in the fight against terrorism, we stress that Iraq has enough men and determination to defeat Bdaash and the like from other criminal groups “.