Free Army “to turn Turkey and reveals its contract with Daash to buy oil

Free Army “to turn Turkey and reveals its contract with Daash to buy oil

01/12/2015 12:35 GMT

Free Army to turn Turkey and reveals its contract with Daash to buy oilFollow-up – and babysit – Brigadier Hossam Alawak, who heads the continued intelligence service of what is known as the “Free Syrian Army”, on Tuesday, they have pictures of the contracts signed by the Turkish side to buy oil from terrorist gangs Daash which controls large areas of Syria and Iraq.
He Alawak, in a press statement, said that “since the beginning of the crisis in Syria in 2011, Turkey is supporting the Islamists and terrorists in Syria militants, against all kinds of support to moderate groups.”

Asked about the fact by Turkey to purchase oil from “Daash,” he said, “We have copies of contracts signed by the Turkish side concerning the purchase of oil from Daash, our pictures with respect to the entry of Toyota vehicles purchased by Qatar, and carry a sign saying Al Ghanim, Syria entered via Turkey, as well as armored cars moving by the leaders of the terrorist gangs. ”

He said, “We have noticed that there comes support for radical Islamic factions by Turkey, before the advent of Daash, and this support was passing through Mount Qrsaah, near the Peace Gate on the Turkish-Syrian border.”

“The Turkish intelligence used to cross these deals that were done with extremist factions in another way, which got the facilities by militant factions, to steal plants and factories in the city of Aleppo in favor of Turkish companies.”

He pointed out that “the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria,” was supervised by these organizations and to coordinate with them, to end the “Free Syrian Army” and moderate groups.

He stressed that “these facts make us the then President of the Turkish intelligence Hakan Bidan responsibility, and we have evidence to our friends in the region and the countries of the world, but [Turkish President] Erdogan Egypt to support extremism and Almtoslmh and terrorist factions.”

And whether it was possible to cooperate Free Syrian Army, with Russia in the fight against Daash gangs in Syria, Brigadier Alawak said, “We believe that Russia is the side wise of the world, and the Russians can cooperate better with regard to the Syrian issue with every moderate factions, including the free millitary”.

Abizaid, “If this happens, then can the Russian military intervention in Syria to achieve better results, and we will maintain Russia’s interests in Syria in the future.