Baghdadi News / reveal aside from selling the currency at the central bank auction

Baghdadi News / reveal aside from selling the currency at the central bank auction in accordance with the fake bills Asterad

Thursday, November 26, 2015 15:55

Baghdadi News - reveal aside from selling the currency at the central bank auctionBAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / News .. revealed Baghdadi, aside from buying the currency from a secondary auction is held next to the central bank to companies building and people with forged papers to participate in the main central bank auction.
And require the purchase of the bank to make a formal papers full account within the bank for companies, and must be updated information and archives from time to time, and the presence of the Director or Associate Commissioner of the company participating in the auction.
A reporter / Baghdadi News /, that companies and offices fake belonging to people with extensive ties with some of the bank’s staff, where they buy and sell the currency by auction next to the Central Bank building before the eyes and ears of Directors and forces and security stationed there.
These companies and offices phantom participating auction the central bank, according to commercial contracts and documents to import fake, in addition to that these companies Nothingness her only on paper, and it is you are buying instruments from the auction President and sell them to others in the parallel auction.
During the tour reporter / Baghdadi News / denying and took personal His office banking, to expose these facts, it was found that there are people with instruments in amounts of up to millions of dollars involved in the central bank auction get them by bringing them to invoices import fake, and sell them in the parallel auction.
Where the central bank auction to be rational in the main bank building (106), and these phantom companies and banking offices participate in the process of buying the currency auction of the bank, and then sell them to people in the auction is held next to the Central Bank building for all to see.
According to market participants, the parallel auction management is done by so-called (Mohammed al-Janabi).
Revealed close to the central bank auction for / Baghdadi News / for “the existence of a group of people control the price and quantity of the dollar sold at the auction,” the sources, noting that the “6% of the total central bank sales during the six years I went profits for this group
She added that “there are” brokers “have sway and stand in front of the central bank group and have extensive financial relations with Iraq / public administration Bank, and they determine the selling of the dollar in the bank auction rate, and the amount of hard currency sold.
It showed that “this group dealing instruments do not have a financial balance, even selling the dollar amount purchased from the auction, as the limited staff in a number of banks to delay disbursement instruments until the deposit of the instrument after the sale of the dollar amount purchased.”
The sources said that “this group with little political cover allows it to move and work without legal accountability.”
And was amazed sources “the failure of the Central Bank or the Bank of Iraq, as well as the government authorities to take action against this group actions, although its business in front of public opinion revealed,” adding that “the information shows that the daily revenue of this group of at least ten million dollars profit from the process of” brokering “that they it. ”
The parliamentary finance committee has said during a press conference held at the parliament building with the members of the Committee that “the total income on Iraq in the years 2006 to 2012 oil revenues in excess of US $ 370 billion, while the central bank sales amounted to auction the dollar for that period more than 207 billion dollars, “indicating that” the proportion of central bank sales of 56 percent of Iraq’s revenues in that period. ”
She added that “this represents Ostorda times what the Iraqi private sector,” arguing that “the difference between what Astorda Iraq and was converted for legitimate purposes belong to the citizen is the money laundering” .anthy 21 / d