Turkish military fighter warplane drops a Russian!

Turkish military fighter warplane drops a Russian!

24-11-2015 01:02 PM

Turkish military fighter warplane drops a RussianIt confirmed the Turkish army, Tuesday, that the fighter jets shot down a fighter warplane Russian said she penetrated Turkish airspace near the Syrian border, at the time denied Russian sources to enter the plane of the Turkish area.

The Turkish army said in a statement that the Russian plane received 10 warnings within 5 minutes, during which penetrated the airspace Turkish.

He added that the fighter of the F16 model Osagta plane, while the Interfax news agency quoted Russian for the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the plane ‘landed on a mostly due to ground fire.’

said presidential Turkish sources that the military plane shot down by Turkey’s Russian-built ‘Sukhoi 24 ‘, were dropped based on the rules of engagement after the Turkish airspace violation.

For his part, the statement of the Russian Defense Ministry said that the plane was shot down had not violated Turkish airspace and was flying over Syrian territory.

In the meantime, news channel’ CNN Turk ‘Turkish TV local sources as saying that one of the pilots of the plane that dropped the grip became the Turkmen forces in Syria, while still being sought for the other pilot.

flying Russian helicopters in the place where the plane went down in search of pilots who jumped from them.