Obama administration: Daash contain only applies in Iraq and Syria

Obama administration: Daash contain only applies in Iraq and Syria

Monday 16 November 2015 | 18:45

Obama administration - Daash contain only applies in Iraq and SyriaBAGHDAD / translation / declared the current US President “Barack Obama” administration, and against the backdrop of extreme embarrassment that hit him after Obama’s statement some time ago, that the word of Obama on containing Daash is applicable only to Iraq and Syria does not mean Obama organization Daash worldwide.

Where in the words of deputy security adviser to Obama, “Ben Rhodes,” during an interview with the channel “NBC” and I followed the “eye of Iraq News,” that what he meant President in his statement which declared that military operations led by the Alliance, might have contained Daash ended offer and gravity true, it means the expansion of its organization in Syria and Iraq only.

The media has been fed up including prepared by scandal, or deceptively clear by the US administration, against the backdrop of Obama’s announcement that the terrorist organization has been contained, which followed after the attacks Paris terror, and that put Obama and his administration in a very awkward position, especially since the general levels and competent It may be varied as the Obama administration either false or ignorant about the data you are dealing with in the war against terrorism Aldaasha.

He recalls that Ben has stressed that the US administration, present its strategy, has been able to stop the expansion of “geographical” the terrorist organization in Iraq, Syria, and reduced the severity in those areas, stressing that the destination of Obama’s statement was a specific geographical framework of the war against the terrorist organization and not on the Aalmi.anthy scale