Clinton: I will not declared war on Daash

Clinton: I will not declared war on Daash

11/11/2015 15:27

Hillary Clinton liarAnnounced Hillary Clinton, the US candidate for the presidency for the Democratic Party, it will not be ready to declare war on the organization Daash in the event of her election as President of the United States.

In a speech to supporters in New Hampshire Tuesday, Clinton said that a formal declaration of war ‘needs to be an appropriate balance’.

She added: ‘it is necessary to do a particular job in order to understand the threat posed by militant groups. ”
The Clinton expressed conviction that the declaration of war is not the best way to confront Daash.
The number of militants organize ‘Daash’ in the middle of this year it amounted to about 80 thousand fighters, including 50 Alpha in Syria, and 30 thousand in Iraq, a number comparable to the numbers of the armies of some countries.

It features a ‘Daash’ in its ranks about 30 thousand of foreign militants, most of them from the Middle East and North African countries.