Imminent arrival of a Kurdish delegation to Baghdad to an agreement on oil and gas law (HCL)

Abdul-Mahdi announces high oil production in the south and the imminent arrival of a Kurdish delegation to Baghdad to an agreement on oil and gas law

2015/10/31 15:12

Imminent arrival of a Kurdish delegation to Baghdad to an agreement on oil and gas law{Dhi Qar: Euphrates News} saw Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said Saturday that approval of oil and gas law will solve a lot of the federal government’s problems with the provinces and the Kurdistan region, announcing the imminent arrival of a high-level delegation from the Kurdistan to make agreements about the law and about the 2016 budget, while also announced The oil production in the south reached more than 3.3 million barrels. ”
Said Abdul-Mahdi, in a speech in the final statement of the meeting deliberative Oil Ministry to discuss mutual between local governments and the federal government powers Alzs held in the province of Dhi Qar today “We have received a wide response to come to the meeting, but there are circumstances some conservatives prevented participation”, referring to “the existence of Hamas by local governments for the sustainability of this work and its continuation.
“He noted that” the meeting was postponed earlier for more than a month because of the circumstances of the country, “and expressed hope” that the attendance largest at the next meeting which will be held in Wasit because he hurt the interests of everyone, “noting that” governors and heads of provincial councils posed problems and obstacles, and we discussed a number of them operating offices and the transfer of powers and competences in the recruitment files and file investment and stopped from legal and contractual terms and there are in-depth research in these aspects.
“On the stop Baiji refinery for several months because of the battle against Daash terrorist gangs, said Abdul-Mahdi said “Stop Baiji refinery means the loss of half of derivatives in Iraq, also stopped several oil installations and displays the pipeline sabotage led to the loss of a lot of money and there are no we have no precise figures for those losses.”
He stressed that “control of the production and the work of the oil facility in central and southern Iraq,” noting that “Only oil production in the south reached more than 3.3 million barrels and this giant number, and oil exports from southern wells since June reached 3 million barrels and this record highs as well as progress in the exploitation of gas and refineries and derivatives.”
He noted “the absence of a crisis oil derivatives despite the Baiji refinery stopped, thanks to the hard work of the general managers and all employees of the ministry to cover the need of derivatives.
“said Abdul-Mahdi,” near the establishment Oil Company of Dhi Qar, “noting that” the establishment of a public company belonging to the state requires the approval of the Council of Ministers and the human is very close “noting that” the Dhi Qar refinery cost amounts very huge and negotiations around the complex and we are negotiating with major companies to set up a refinery and there are alternatives in the event of failure to reach an agreement where there is a possibility the ministry set up the refinery in cooperation with international companies.
“He ruled out the oil minister, the possibility of the ministry to deal with crisis Unemployment returned them difficult and complex problem and need financial feasibility and high capacities to reduce them.
“On the completion of projects of the ministry Abdul-Mahdi said that” the financial health disrupted much of the oil ministry projects and we procedures to maintain the momentum located by increasing oil and derivatives production.
“concluded Abdul Mahdi Speaking addressing the crisis, the oil and gas law, saying that “the failure to approve oil and gas law has led to major problems and not with the Kurdistan only, but with other provinces to the absence of legal cover, which is mainly based upon the absence of this law, we are forced to contract every year with the province about the budget agreement public, “referring to the imminent arrival of a senior Kurdish delegation to agree on the 2016 budget, which we hope will be a more detailed and accurate.” End