Henry Kissinger: Middle East war and will leave only one global power

Henry Kissinger: Middle East war and will leave only one global power


Henry Kissinger - Middle East war and will leave only one global powerUS official: Middle East on the eve of World War III, its two ends the Russian-Chinese alliance against America
A researcher at the Chinese Affairs / Hussein Tayeh Massoud / raised Henry Kissinger, the American security adviser and former Minister of Foreign Affairs statements; shock the experts and observers, many questions, regarding recent events in the Middle East, especially after the outspoken Russian intervention into Syria, and the alliance with China and Iran the recent period.
where Fox US policy in his statement published by the local newspaper Daily scape daily in New York, said that what is happening in the Middle East and the whole world, is a prelude World War III, which will be its two ends of Russia and China on the one hand, and the United States on the other hand, as described it would be a draconian war.

By virtue of that, one of the generals of the American war, was likely to be a victory for the rode his country, saying that Moscow and Beijing have enjoyed great prestige should demise, as well as Iran, which was considered its fall target first for Israel, according to the newspaper “the citizen”.

He said Kissinger, in his remarks, that “the European Union when he realized the fact that the inevitable military confrontation between America and both the Chinese dragon and the Russian Bear, prompted him to unite in a cohesive and powerful single entity,” he said.
He pointed out that political and strategic American circles are going to serious footsteps ago time, to pave the control of the world, was confident that Russia and China will not let it check aspire to it and will not stand by and would oppose their way, what made ​​the war an inevitable, but he pointed out that it will not be achieved unless Israel broke out a new war with all my strength to kill the largest number of Arabs.

According to the former minister, has made ​​it clear that the mastermind and thoughtful planning arrived to far from the war, as between the “above the rubble of the war, will be building a great power and a single strong solid victorious, is a global force that would take over the world.”

He went on in saying: that the world does not forget that the United States has the largest arsenal of weapons in the world, the arsenal did not know about the other thing, stressing that they will view it around the world in a timely manner.

It is noteworthy that Henry Kissinger, political scientist US and German politician growing up, his father was a teacher, Because of the Jewish origin, he and his family fled in 1938 from Germany to the United States for fear of the Germans Nazis, and then joined the Institute of George Washington in New York, and became a US citizen in 1948 and joined the army in the same year.
He served as US Secretary of State from 1973 to 1977 and was national security adviser in the government of Richard Nixon.

He played a prominent role in the foreign policy of the United States, such as opening up to China’s policy and his visit to shuttle between the Arabs and Israel, which ended the Camp David agreement in 1978.

and was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1983 as President of the Federal Authority, which was formed for the development of US policy toward Central America. Finally, President George W. Bush (son) his appointment as President of the Commission responsible for investigating the causes of September atheist, 2001, attacks.