Political forces in discussions on the future of Abadi

Political forces in discussions on the future of Abadi

Tuesday 06-10-2015 | 4:17:05

Political forces in discussions on the future of AbadiTwilight News / detection Zafer al-Ani, a member of the House of Representatives and leader of the Union of Forces that a number of forces and political figures began been discussions about the future of government-Abadi against the backdrop of what they called a singularity decisions on reforms and that they believe that it still did not touch the core of the problem and the slow pace of the military achievements and lack of improvement in service conditions .

Ani said in a statement responded to Twilight News that “these discussions even if it appeared in the form of an assessment of the performance of the government-Abadi, but it carries with it a reaction to statements made by Mr. Abadi, the last in which the major political figures in the previous government targeted and accusing Balastbdadah and waste of public money for propaganda purposes and electoral.”

He concluded Ani his statement, saying “despite the fact that these forces and personalities of some of them originally from the National Alliance and the State of specific law had approached the Union of Forces in this regard, but we are not part of these moves so far and we believe that it is too early to think about the change in government and that Mr. Abadi deserves to be It gives a longer opportunity to move reforms promised some reforms Aithml alone responsibility as well as blur the proposed alternatives. ”