Newspaper: Middle East does not depend on Obama

Newspaper: Middle East does not depend on Obama

Saturday 3 October 2015 | 05:40 evening

Newspaper - Middle East does not depend on ObamaBAGHDAD / Russian with the growing role and its impact on the global media and political Ocean, Middle East region is witnessing scrutinizes wide by the global media, which reacts with the current US concern about the growing Russian influence in the region at a time to say the least it awkward.

In this context, the newspaper “Algeruslam Post” reported report Anonth “The Middle East does not depend on Obama,” as shown by the decline in the US role in the region caused great confusion suffered by Obama in his handling of the helm of government in the Oval House, the reflection on the reality of significant growth witnessed by the high tide of terrorism in the Middle East and a slowdown in the US it.

The newspaper added that the regional allies and international United States and found themselves in positions doubt and asked the United States approach to deal with the current situation, especially after the sudden represented by the four-party alliance of NATO and the consequent acceleration US to maintain the confidentiality of their information from falling into the hands of the Russians the old rivals.

It recalls that the newspaper has opened its report by showing allies of the United States, which it described as bystander loss of faith led by the United States position while Russia and Iran is reviewing the muscles in the areas where it was supposed to take over its mind the international coalition led by Washington, uncertain and on the lips of editorial director of the newspaper “The National” strategic analyst “Faisal Al Yafei” that audacity Russian and Iran in the Middle East came after the Assad regime two years ago using chemical gas against pockets of resistance was directed in the east of Damascus areas, where the United States has not taken any real position despite its announcement that such weapons are “line Red, “which gave the impression that Washington is not serious in dealing with the Middle East file, and push Russia and Iran to test the responses of the US action which has proven over the years, creating a weakness .. in the end the big shift in the influence of the US to the axis of the coalition Rabai.anthy 5.