Daily Beast: Putin was able to steal the “war on Daash” of Obama

Daily Beast: Putin was able to steal the “war on Daash” of Obama

01/10/2015 11:16 GMT

Daily Beast - Putin was able to steal the war on Daash of ObamaAgencies – Daily Beast reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin was able to steal the “war on Daash” from his US counterpart Barack Obama, noting that the Kremlin leader made ​​himself a pivotal player in the global struggle to curb “terrorist organization.”
She spoke of American newspaper of the Russian military support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, it announced the terms of the Russian Defense Ministry, on Wednesday, the start of air operation in Syria to strike quality sites “Daash”.

And the voice of the Russian parliament, unanimously, on the same day, to pass a resolution giving Putin the authority to use military force in Syria, where the Russian president has already published fighter planes and tanks since the beginning of this month, has called for an international coalition to combat Daash.

The newspaper believes that the Russian intervention undermines one of the key stones in the US efforts of the Syrian war, which support what the rebels described moderates, as well as making things more difficult for the second goal of the Obama administration, which overthrow the government of President Assad.

He adds that the Russian air strikes were a message to Washington that “If you want to get rid of Assad or building can defeat the forces of Daash, Flakm in agreement with us,” a US military official commented: “the dynamics of the whole thing has changed.”

He spoke, US officials, the Daily Beast, the condition of anonymity, saying that the bombing campaign launched by Russia on extremists in Syria, the United States is forced to cooperate with them, and added that in military terms, the United States will be inevitable by now control Russian strikes and their impact on War, and diplomatically, the international coalition to give them a seat at the table for Russia.