Iraqi Official Gazette published a number of laws and decisions

Iraqi Official Gazette published a number of laws and decisions, including internal call to fill the single card form

2015/9/28 10:31

Iraqi Official Gazette published a number of laws and decisions[Baghdad-where]
the facts of Iraq newspaper published in its latest issue, a number of laws and decisions.
A statement of the Ministry of Justice, Director General of the Iraqi facts circle Muhannad Zebra, say that the number [4379] – of 21 of September of this – to ensure the ratification of the Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in the field of supporting reform [on the agricultural sector capacity between Iraq and the United States of America Law No. [105] for the year 2012, “noting that” the causes of enactment of this Act the desire of the governments of Iraq and the United States in the continuation of joint cooperation to modernize Iraq’s agricultural sector.
“He added,” The number included decision to establish a health insurance for staff of the Ministry of Planning box number [1] for the year 2015, In addition to two decrees Republicans and Resolution [4] for the year 2015 issued by the Ministry of Finance.
“He pointed Zebra, to” the issuance of instructions to work rules and wages guests inside sections social reform No. [4] for the year 2015, “noting” a statement from the Ministry of Interior include a call for citizens Registered in the conditions of the Diyala bridge circuit to fill the electronic application form for registration for the purpose of granting the new model of a unified national identity card “.anthy