“Obama stupid” on the runway of a Syrian airport

“Obama stupid” on the runway of a Syrian airport


Obama stupid - on the runway of a Syrian airport(Independent) .. Is arrived tension between Washington and Moscow to a level that allows the Russian army for himself because of the US Aalrias publicly?

This is what inspired him picked up by satellites that has been circulating on social networking sites image, and the picture shows the scene of the air runway airport in the north of Latakia, Syria has the number of Russian planes are written on thick letters the words “Obama stupid.”

The picture does not bear any date but was published on the night of September 23 to my account Igor Korothenko, editor in chief of the magazine “homeland defense”, a former military known supporting President Putin for his, Facebook and his Russian counterpart “Vika”.

It already regards aircraft Russian on the runway of Latakia airport: specialist site in check the photos “pilling Cat” spreading turn the image picked Satellites to the runway back to the date of September 20 and knew through which the quality of the aircraft on the on the runway, a Sukhoi Su-30 and Su -25, all of which are Russian-made aircraft, and belong to the Moscow Air Force. Consequently, there was actually a Russian aircraft in Latakia airport on 20 September.

This picture is similar in all elements of the image bearing the insult against US President Barack Obama, but if the aircraft really exist in this airport, it is very likely that the ferry will not be hostile to Obama wrote days.

I found another picture, and quite similar, but insults do not carry the phrase, picked up on September 21 of the angle at which the picture was taken of them bearing the words describing Obama as “stupid”, and include the same image components traded on the Internet.

But on the other hand it was not possible to determine the satellite that picked up the image that carry anti-Obama phrase nor the date on which it was done.

But even if one assumes that he did not move any aircraft or any other element in the picture, it is very likely that the satellite captures the same image twice, and the same angle. Therefore, it can be the image that carry a curse Obama added her touches. And it comes in 21 September, which was added by Russian words.lattaquie_0

The phrase “Obama stupid” unusual trading in Russia, usually used to criticize the US President, especially in the media, but it is the name of the group “in Ka” which focuses attention on the criticism of the White House.

Source: Russia Today