“Daash” plans for “a nuclear tsunami” for the extermination of millions of people

“Daash” plans for “a nuclear tsunami” for the extermination of millions of people

September 26 .2015 – 14:15

Daash plans for - a nuclear tsunami - for the extermination of millions of peopleSumer News: Baghdad

Dell Express British newspaper revealed in a report that the organization “Daash” plotting “a nuclear tsunami” for the extermination of hundreds of millions of people from above the Earth’s surface.

The newspaper quoted a German journalist and former parliamentarian Christian Democratic Party Juergen Todn Hoover as saying that “the killers of Daash adopters thought of genocide have ambitions but limited access to atomic weapons, they compare to a nuclear tsunami,” noting that “they are preparing to attack to do the most religious cleansing process in the history of mankind “.

He continued Hoover the only journalist who was allowed to “Daash” presence inside the front fighting lines that “militants Daash currently in control of the land in Syria and Iraq, the largest of the UK’s total area, pointing out that” these are supported in the spirit of enthusiastic I’ve never seen anything like it before in a combat zone or war. ”

“The West is not able to militarily defeat those who call themselves rulers of the Caliphate, in reference to the Daash leaders and fighters, because hundreds of young fighters arriving daily to join the ranks.”

He stressed that “no one can stop them at all only Arabs”, describing the “enemy Daash the most dangerous and brutal fighters.”

Todn Hoover and spent 10 days with its fighters and managed to return with his head over his body without being interrupted by “Daash”, where his journey accompanied by his son, who came with him against his will, which focused its main mission to protect the life of his father.