Hillary Clinton: the next President of the United States “Muslim”

Hillary Clinton: the next President of the United States “Muslim”

22-09-2015 11:08 AM

Hillary Clinton - the next President of the United States MuslimWASHINGTON (AP)

received Hillary Clinton Monday to “yes” decisive and clear to a question about whether it can be for a Muslim to become president of the United States, for characterized so for other candidates tried to evade the answer to this question that is likely to become a test of the other candidates to the presidential race.

She said the Democratic candidate in the tweet on Twitter, “Can a Muslim to become president of the United States of America? One word: Yes. Now, to move on to another topic.

“Attached to former Secretary of State Ngridtha an extract of Article VI of the US Constitution, which says” No one shall ever be required as a religious test as a qualification to any Office or public responsibility in the United States.

“The former first lady received this on what he said Republican candidate to the White House Ben Carson, who questioned the extent of Islam Sunday in the US Constitution and agree.

It was Carson, a retired black surgeon who is among the front-runner among Republican candidates, Sunday: “I do not support to take over the leadership of the Muslim nation said. I certainly do not agree with that.

“It was Donald Trump, who lead by a large margin from the rest of his rivals race to win the nomination card Republic to the presidential race sparked undecided Thursday about this matter while allowing one of the participants in the electoral festival that says, without being interrupted, or to adopt his opinion , that the United States has a problem with “Muslims” and that Barack Obama is a Muslim and not an American, an argument echoed some right-wing circles and ratify a minority of Americans.

On Monday, Trump defended himself, said in an interview with the network (NBC) “I never have a problem with Muslims, “he said, adding that he did not interrupt the liquid or comment on his words because he thought he meant by saying radical

Islam.” I assumed he was talking about radical Islam. ”