US general asks Abadi “undermine” the popular crowd coming battles

US general asks Abadi “undermine” the popular crowd coming battles

22-09-2015 02:00 PM

US general asks Abadi undermine the popular crowd coming battlesRevealed the Lebanese newspaper “The News” on Tuesday, the meeting, which took place between the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the commander of the Central Command of US forces, Gen. Lloyd Austin details, noting that Austin request “isolation” popular crowd in the coming battles with “Daash.”

The newspaper said its issue today: It’s “Meet Austin has not been without Balebadi, on Thursday evening, to talk about the US role in Anbar thick and proliferation, which began to embarrass the Iraqi government in front of its partners in the« National Alliance »and the formations and factions of the popular crowd.”

She added that, “Austin told Abadi need for isolation of the crowd People and feuding Shi’ite in combat zones, and to maintain their influence and territory, which hold out, “indicating that” Austin suggested, as well, to have the crowd in the background lines “.

The newspaper pointed out that” al-Abadi, who does not want to infuriate Washington and its partners in the «National Alliance », has called for access to the« intermediate solutions »in the subject of« the popular crowd », especially in Anbar, stressing that his government is indispensable open front with« crowd »or« Shiite factions », especially if they are taking into account the capacity of those factions and movements to raise the street and move at any time “.