US commander: 2,000 years of Christian civilization destroyed in Iraq because of Obama

US commander: 2,000 years of Christian civilization destroyed in Iraq because of Obama

Monday 21 September 2015 | 07:03 evening

US commander - 2000 years of Christian civilization destroyed in Iraq because of ObamaBAGHDAD / exposed relics of cultural and religious minorities in Iraq to systematically destroy operations as is the approach towards the people of this country by organizing Daash terrorist without stopping, leaving the legacy of the country’s cultural and religious as well as humanitarian rubble stone, at a time when the cries of specialists increasingly to take the mobility of the biggest than it is now of the international coalition led by the United States.

In this context, one US military commanders Lt. Collenal “Ralph Peters’ statement came during” The O’Reilly Factor “political program on the Fox channel, where he accused Obama of causing the destruction of 2,000 years of Christian civilization in Iraq at the level of the existence of a humanitarian as well as heritage, citing the weak approach as the reason what happened, describing the policy as “cowardly, weak, incompetent” and thus blaming him of blame for the mass quotient.

This comes at a time when launched remarks Petrz wide reactions approval him on the social networks and the level the US media as a senior pastors of the Church described the US Alcatlukih after his visit to Iraqi Kurdistan, the situation as “without question, we’re talking about genocide there, where not affect the genocides only human beings but also the spirit of the people, which is what is happening now in Iraq, “referring to the destruction of the terrorist organization Daash humanitarian historical legacy in the Iraqi province of Mosul.

It is worth mentioning, the current President Barack Obama’s administration is exposed to very severe criticism for failing to contain the crisis caused by the organization Daash terrorist, especially after proving that the organization was created by the administration in an attempt to destabilize the Syrian regime for political ends before turning to the working unit itself, at a time when increased in the crisis and expanded to affect the European countries through the crisis of displaced people, not to mention the consequences of the situation in Syria and Iraq on the political inside the White House, the Pentagon and the confusion caused by.
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