Economist describes the 2016 budget as “critical”

Economist describes the 2016 budget as “critical”

09/16/2015 10:03 GMT

Economist describes the 2016 budget as criticalSpecial – and babysit – Description competent economic affairs Mohammed Ali Durgham next year’s budget in 2016 to being a very critical crossroads between the open spending in previous years and spending rated for 2015 with all of his internal and external borrowing
He said in a statement to the news agency public opinion (and babysit) that government reforms did not provide a lot of the budget did not shorten spending a lot of exaggeration on the privileges of the upper grades and Mazad continuing difficult financial conditions of displaced persons required for military operations and to organize Daash

He explained that the Iraqi diplomacy fails to play its role for international support for the reconstruction of Iraq and face the crisis, major displacement especially since the international climate tends to support the issues of the fight against terrorism and the refugee crisis at home and abroad, noting that the time is not too late for such a move

He pointed out that all development alternatives proposed by the government were not timely, but in the long run, assuming applied properly and that the continued reliability of the collection and the imposition of taxes and fees is added a solution Trqieia and fabricating new crises

Concluding by saying that he must be government reforms, stronger and more influential and focus on the higher-income groups. ”

He is expected to see the budget next year because of the continued difficulty in oil prices to fall internal and external debt and large very high operational spending and salaries because of administrative and sag, which have not been processed and the lack of alternative income sources for oil. Q, Q