High alert at the US embassy in Iraq

High alert at the US embassy in Iraq


High alert at the US embassy in IraqNoor Alhatri / Sky Press
It announced that the US embassy in Iraq, Sunday, a state of maximum alert after the death of three dogs inspect the situation to one of gas poisoning.

The source for “Sky Press” that “the US embassy declared a state of alarm maximum” c “after finding three dogs (k-9) in charge of guarding the main doors of the Embassy of the dead as a result of poisoning, referring to the responsible parties complained about the presence of toxic gases led to her death.” .

The source, who requested anonymity, said: “After conducting the necessary tests show that the food poisoning was not because of toxic gases.”

The US Embassy is the largest embassy in Iraq was built more than 30 thousand units a private staff Wazzarhwalve estimated 30 000 employees except for military and Situated on the Tigris River in exchange for apartments in the Green Zone and heavy guard them.