Khatib Tehran: America does not want to eliminate the “Daash” but laughing him to its interests

Khatib Tehran: America does not want to eliminate the “Daash” but laughing him to its interests

09/11/2015 12:45 GMT

Khatib Tehran - America does not want to eliminate the Daash but laughing him to its interestsFollow-up – and babysit – Description Tehran interim Friday sermon preacher, Muhammad Ali Movahedi Kermani, on Friday, the US allegations about rooting out the terrorist organization Daash a liar, saying that Washington is in the process of administration of this terrorist organization.
Said Movahedi Kermani in a sermon which was held today in the courtyard of the University of Tehran “America claims to be through the international alliance in the process of de-Daash but they tell a lie,” adding that “Washington in connection with the use of Daash as part of their interests and are not going to eliminate this terrorist organization.” .

Khatib said Friday that “America is going to keep the management and organization of terrorist Daash not be eliminated.”

On the other hand he pointed to Fri Tehran interim to “crimes committed by the Saudi regime in Yemen, saying that” the hearts of Muslims and all liberals of the world has been injured and that the wound did not heal, but saw extensive “calling” the rulers of Saudi Arabia to read the Koran as they recommendation read to pilgrims of God. ”

He pointed out that “the angry demonstrations that swept the streets of London to protest against the visit of Prime Minister of the Zionist entity, Benjamin Netanyahu, and that demonstrators demanded the arrest of Netanyahu on charges of war crimes in Gaza and sponsorship of terrorism in the world, and said, We have heard collect 103 000 signatures against Netanyahu in Britain demanding his trial as a war criminal In this sense it must launch the slogan Death to Israel “.

With regard to the nuclear deal between Iran and 5 +1 “There are supporters and many opponents of the overall program of joint action and must turn the legal stages in Iran and the United States, we are at this stage, which is in the middle of the road have achieved victories, the six powers in the world forced to recognize the victory of the Republic Islamic Iran. ”

And between Tehran Friday sermon that “the US Wishlist to normalize its relations with Iran penetration in the country and the dissemination of culture and economy desired corrupt and fight Islam in the country and warned not to be fooled by the US smiles.”