Allawi Ervs Abadi work with the issue of national reconciliation!

Allawi Ervs Abadi work with the issue of national reconciliation!

10-09-2015 01:30 PM

Allawi Ervs Abadi work with the issue of national reconciliationVice President for reconciliation canceled his Iyad Allawi said he refuses to work with al-Abadi on the issue of national reconciliation, because it is not convinced or unwilling or locked in any national reconciliation, as confirmed rejection of the conferences of sectarian Shiite or Sunni, and criticized the Doha last meeting of the Iraqi opposition.

He denied Allawi, in a Thursday statement: the existence of any plans to launch a reconciliation initiative in Iraq working on with House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, in coordination with the prime minister Haider al-Abadi.

He stressed the leader of the national coalition by saying that “There are no such action .. and by the coordination with the Prime Minister rejected mainly because it is not convinced or willing and non-believer in any national reconciliation in Iraq.

“He said Allawi, he was” against the sectarian political approach was the first Almtsidin him, where only death and destruction, corruption, and the result did not produce it, and therefore rejects any form of sectarianism conferences Sunni or Shiite, “but he believed that” the processors and solutions is an Iraqi national, first and foremost, that is to say where it is not any sectarian character of political, racial, where gaining the meetings more credibility and permanence if it has Bhetwavqat Iraq inside the Iraqi land, even with the audience Arab or international support.

“He said, he” sees no justification for conferences, as far as calls for government measures, paving the way for genuine reconciliation, but the Baghdad government seems incapable and unwilling to it. ”