Jubouri accused al-Maliki of trying to sack him for “failing to cover”

Jubouri accused al-Maliki of trying to sack him for “failing to cover”

Baghdad-Iraq Press -8 September / September 2015

Jubouri accused al-Maliki of trying to sack him for - failing to coverHouse Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, said on Tuesday that political parties seeking to obstruct the supervisory role of the Legislative Council of Representatives deduced from the political process which excite molecules in order to cover up its failure in governance, referring to Nouri al-Maliki who leads a coalition of state law, a campaign to dismiss al-Jubouri of the presidency of the parliament in the light of his recent visit to Qatar and collects signatures of deputies to put the issue to a future meeting of the parliament.

He said al-Jubouri, during a press conference in Baghdad, that “the Doha conference held under the supervision of an international system is the United Nations, which officials in her office in the Conference was attended by Iraq,” explaining that “the political blocs the right to reject or endorse such consultative conferences.”

He stressed, that “his visit to Doha last week has at the invitation of the Government of Qatar to support the political process and national reconciliation in Iraq and that it took place after consultation with the Iraqi presidencies of the Republic and the government and in consultation with the political leaders.”

He explained, he was “held talks with Qatari Prime Minister Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al-Thani and Foreign Minister Khalid bin Hamad Al-Attiyah stressed the political process in Iraq support,” adding, “Qatari assured him they would not Ahaoroa anyone who does not respect the political process and the Iraqi constitution.” .

He stressed that “there were not any connection to visit the convening of the conference and the opposition that he did not meet any of the participants, although it is the heart of the work of the parliament to work towards national reconciliation.”

He continued, “The Iraqi government was present at his meetings with Qatari officials represented the Iraqi charge d’affaires in the post Aldoulihh which participated in the approval of Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari.”
He said, “It was hoped that the government be more in support of national reconciliation because Iraq is the greatest need Maicon her within the parameters of the Constitution and respect for Iraq’s sovereignty, in order to achieve security and stability.”

Jubouri and rejected all accusations made by his National Alliance blocks in collaboration with the Qatar meeting and opponents of the Iraqi terrorists, and said he “would not deal with the signatures of MPs demanding his dismissal only after submission legally and that their number be applicable to materials Parliament Act.”

He warned that some political parties want to bring the political process back, and said he “would withdraw relations with Qatar file of the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations to study what has been in these relations in recent years.” He added, “The National Reconciliation Commission in the Council of Ministers had handed him a letter inviting him to support the success of the Qatar conference, but he did not take part in it and confined his visit to meet the official invitation addressed to him and to meet with Qatari officials”, pointing out that he “will brief the House on the substance of the message today.”

Jubouri and pointed out that there is an international conference to combat terrorism will be held in Baghdad later this month and will be attended by Qatar represented by the Prime Minister.

He wondered how the representatives of the countries of the world will be considered participants in the conference to the government’s efforts to achieve reconciliation and where the file is required to provide them to the conference. He pointed out that so it must open up Iraq to others and hear his voice to uphold the unity of the country and the Constitution and to proceed to reconciliation. He said there was an Arab turnout in Iraq and deal with him to consolidate his unit .. stressing said “This is our approach and we will defend it.”

He stressed his refusal to touch the legislative institution of parliament because the actress is compromised .. prejudice to Iraq, stressing that he will defend this institution in cooperation with all the political blocs.
Earlier in the day Congress, a coalition of law led by Nuri al-Maliki said they are continuing to interrogate al-Jubouri, in the event of their inability to sack him for his participation in the Doha conference.

The MP said Kazem Sayadi at a joint news conference with other legislators, “we have to collect the signatures of 110 members of the House of Representatives and then half the vote plus one, a absolute majority of members of the House of Representatives.”
He added, “If we can not dismiss al-Jubouri, we will question him and this needs to be 25 signatures, and we are moving in that direction.”

Iraqi crisis Qatari relations on Monday has escalated because of Doha to host a conference of Iraqi opposition to take Baghdad’s decision to call based its work in Qtrellchaor in a protest action against the Qatari move.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Gamal said in a brief statement, that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to recall Iraqi charge d’affaires in Doha for the purpose of consultation,” without elaborating but it is certain that the Iraqi move comes after embracing Doha on Wednesday and Thursday of the Conference of the Iraqi opposition Baghdad said annexation of terror suspects and supporters to organize “Daash”.

The State confirmed the participation of personalities required the Iraqi judiciary in the Doha conference, accusing the Qatari authorities blatant interference in Iraq’s internal affairs, denouncing its embrace of the Conference Almard.anthy (1)