America: the unity of Iraq and the passage of the National Guard Law

America: the unity of Iraq and the passage of the National Guard Law

07-09-2015 03:30 PM

America - the unity of Iraq and the passage of the National Guard LawThe United States stressed the importance of reforming the security sector in Iraq.

The US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones, in his speech, today, during the first conference held by the Center “confirmed” for the affairs of the strategic and future studies in cooperation with democracy “NED” support fund under the title “sector reform and Defense in Iraq Security “:” I think that now is a good time to discuss the reforms in the security sector, where the top officials in Iraq are committed to that, and demonstrations have demanded these reforms, especially if the international community is ready to support the wishes of the Iraqis in this endeavor, those are the prerequisites necessary to achieve success.

“He added,” We also believe that he should result from these reforms leaders stand out on the basis of merit, must be professionals with vision and wisdom, make the right decisions at the right times.

“He continued Jones that” through the provision of this principle of professionalism and vision sound at the forefront of your own to reform, the security agencies will have more coordinated and effective, and will gain greater confidence of the Iraqi people a bit.

“The US ambassador:” We owe grateful to a lot of our soldiers in the battle and equally grateful to their families back home, and requires it to encourage and support all soldiers , reforms that will improve the training and equipment, and improve their living conditions and medical care of their own when they are hurt and expand their skills and knowledge, will be an encouragement to the soldiers.

“He noted,” We would also like to achieve the National Guard, which is now being discussed in the House of Representatives, which has been shed legislation Light it as a priority in the national program for the Prime Minister.

“He explained,” can this legislation the National Guard to be part of Alchamln reform package and we believe that the National Guard as suggested by the Council of Ministers can also help unify the country, where it can ensure that the Iraqi security forces representing communities where it is present, and areas that are protected. ”

he stressed Jones that “the United States and the Coalition is committed to helping the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people to improve Iraq’s national security structure, we have so far trained more than 12 000 military associate of Iraqis, and there is an excellent program underway to train the police.

“He said the US ambassador” as we spend billions of dollars in modern Ttaghizalmaadat, through these measures, in addition to air strikes and our own to provide advice and assistance, we are helping you to defeat Bdaash addition to our commitment to support efforts to achieve stability that will provide stability in liberated areas “He stressed,” The United States of America and the Alliance are committed at all levels to help develop security in your sector.