Crocker: the consequences of America’s failure in Iraq was beyond imagination

Crocker: the consequences of America’s failure in Iraq was beyond imagination

Posted, 04/09/2015 17:54 GMT

Crocker - the consequences of Americas failure in Iraq was beyond imaginationFollow-up – and babysit – Former US ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, on Thursday, that the United States “absent” in Iraq and that the consequences of “failure” was “beyond imagination”, as expressed fears of strengthening “the grip of Iran” on the part of Iraq in If Washington has assisted the government in Baghdad.
It quoted “Foreign Policy,” Journal of the American Crocker as saying, “The consequences of the failure of the United States in Iraq was beyond imagination was this failure began in 2011, more than the political level is at the military level, which led us to the situation that we are now.”

He added that “there are two things have learned in the Middle East for 40 years are to be careful as we get it, and be careful when we want to get out, we can not end the war as soon as the withdrawal from the battlefield because we then give the land to our enemies.”

He explained Crocker, “We have to get involved and do what we had to be done during the past five years. If we do not do something, the Daash terrorist looks to control parts of Iraq, but with so if we have the help of the Baghdad government, we contribute to strengthening the grip of Iran on the part of the country.”

He said Crocker, that “Iran and Saudi Arabia, the war in Iraq is a new Cold War in the Middle East, and Iran and Saudi Arabia are parties to the main where, Syria and Yemen theaters,” pointing out that “Saudi Arabia is largely absent in Iraq because they refuse to accept the legitimacy of the Shiite-led government and we absent in Iraq because of the absolute lack of really cared about. ”