Putin: Syrians fleeing the “Daash” and the West is responsible for their crisis

Putin: Syrians fleeing the “Daash” and the West is responsible for their crisis

04/09/2015 14:04 GMT

Putin - Syrians fleeing the Daash and the West is responsible for their crisisFollow-up – and babysit – Russian President stressed that the Syrian refugees are fleeing not from government but from Bashar al-Assad “Daash” terrorist, saying that the current immigration crisis linked to the erroneous Western policy in the region.
Vladimir Putin and added that the refugee crisis was “totally unexpected.” He explained in a press conference held Friday, September 4 / September in the wake of his tour in the Russian Far East: “We in Russia .. repeatedly warned of large-scale issues may appear in the event of continuing our Western partners to follow foreign policies which I have always said it wrong, particularly practitioners yet in some parts of the Muslim world and in the Middle East and North Africa. ”

He asked: “What are these policies? It is to impose Western standards without taking into account the historical, religious, national and cultural characteristics of those areas. It is primarily our American partners policy, while Europe Vttaba this political approach blindly pursue in the framework of the so-called” coalition relations obligations , and then bear the burden alone. ”

Putin pointed out that there are different positions of the events in Syria, but stressed that people are not fleeing from Bashar Assad’s regime, but also of organizing “Daash” that dominated the vast territory in Syria, Iraq and commit atrocities in those areas.