Vice-President of the Republic rest their posts so far!

Vice-President of the Republic rest their posts so far!

02-09-2015 04:16 PM

Vice-President of the Republic rest their posts so farMP for the Kurdistan Alliance Masood Haider, Wednesday, that the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives in accordance with the reform to reduce the salary decisions, while between the President of the Republic is not yet on the dismissal of three of his deputies to sign.

Haider said in the Finance Committee is a member: “The application of the Cabinet’s recent decision to reduce The three presidencies salaries and 50%, ministers, MPs 45% since August.

“He added that” ordered the cancellation of the Vice-President of the Republic in which the views of the constitutional different According to the Iraqi constitution that on the Vice President of the Republic must submit their resignation to the President and to be voted on in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, ” adding “It is not the prerogative of the prime minister to encroach upon the constitution.”

He said Haider, said that “the Vice-Presidents of the Republic remains in office so far has not President submit a request their resignation to the Iraqi Council of Representatives.”

He noted that “what is applied to the House of Representatives and the Minister is applied to Presidency of the Republic.

“For his part, Kurdistan Alliance MP capable Saeed said that” every Iraqi official must apply the decisions of the reform, “noting that” the Iraqi Council of Representatives was conducted adjustments on salaries as well as in the Council of Ministers.

“He Said,” We are surprised as was actually the President and his deputies, the staff did not apply the decisions of the reform.

“and issued a Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on the ninth of August, decisions which abolished the posts of Vice-President and Prime Minister, as part of a series of reforms announced by the government after the demonstrations the country has witnessed during the past few days in protest corruption and lack of public services.