Edward Snowden blowing surprise when: Bin Laden alive in Bahamas

Edward Snowden blowing surprise when: Bin Laden alive in Bahamas

Moscow -arac Press -1 September / September 2015

Edward Snowden blowing surprise when - Bin Laden alive in BahamasThe dawn of the former detective agency in the US national security, Edward Snowden- which a fugitive living in Russia after it leaked documents relating to the surveillance and the National Security Agency NSA program, during an interview with the Tribune MOSCOW dawn surprise , when he presented a new note controversial, yesterday, says that he has secret information confirming that Osama bin Laden is still alive.

Snowden only bin Laden is not alive and by, but he enjoyed a leisurely life in the Bahamas, where spent regular rewards received from the CIA.

He said Edward Snowden said: “I have documents showing that bin Laden continues to receive funding from the CIA.”

He said Snowden “was always receives more than 100 thousand dollars a month, was a turning through organizations and private companies to his bank account Nassau. I do not know exactly where it is now, but in 2013, he lived a quiet life in a villa with five of his wives and a dozen children. ”

Mr. Snowden added that the CIA orchestrated scenario the death of the former leader of al-Qaeda, while underway and his family moved to an undisclosed location in the Bahamas.

The famous detective was told, saying: “Osama bin Laden was one of the CIA for a long time clients.” “We have arranged his death scenario in collaboration with the Pakistani intelligence services, it has dropped the bin Laden simply lid. And the fact that everyone thinks that he died, no one will look for him, so it was very easy for him to disappear. It is without a beard and military overcoat No one can identify it. ”

Mr. Snowden said that the documents prove that bin Laden was alive and in good health, and that it would be the subject of his new book, which will be released in September 2015.

In its report, the French “New World Order newspaper” LE NOUVEL ORDRE MONDIAL says “the work of Edward Snowden at the National Security Agency in 2013 after being used by Dell and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA IE).

In June of the same year, Snowden revealed thousands of secret documents to journalists and to newspapers all over the world. The US government has accused him of treason after this disclosure.

Edward Snowden lives in Russia, which has granted him asylum after fleeing from Hong Koonj.anthy (1)