Economic parliamentary: the investment law will pass next week

Economic parliamentary: the investment law will pass next week


Economic parliamentary - the investment law will pass next weekBAGHDAD / .. confirmed member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Najiba Najib, Monday, that the investment law will pass through the parliament sessions next week.

She said Najib’s “Eye Iraq News”, “The investment law does not have any political dispute it and there is a will by the House of Representatives to pass this law next week,” indicating that “some members of the economy want to have investment, however, the federal government and not in the hands of investment in provincial bodies This is unlike the Constitution. ”

It showed that “in the event of insistence pass the investment law and that the investment is, however, the federal government, we will stand against this law, everyone is calling for there to be broad powers, however, the provincial administration,” adding that “the law will represent a real breakthrough in the way of fact, investment in the development of Iraq.”

Still the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 when the economic and investment commission is discussed, study after it was read a first reading and is expected to be voted on during the next parliamentary session.

The House of Representatives passed in 2006, the Iraqi investment law, which it was said at the time that it would open the doors wide open to foreign investment, due to submit a lot of facilities to foreign investors, but that many foreign companies are still hesitant because of fears that the security situation is stable in Iraq, adding that the law did not give investors the right to ownership of the property the project, and equated the investor Iraqi and foreign in all the privileges, with the exception of real estate ownership, as can the investor foreign than lease the land for 50 years, subject to renewal, according to paragraph 11 of the Investment Law. Ended 9