A source close: Abadi decide to stop reforms

A source close: Abadi decide to stop reforms

25-08-2015 12:13 PM

A source close - Abadi decide to stop reformsRevealed the Lebanese newspaper “The News”, the prime minister Haider al-Abadi suspended “temporarily” the launch of the reform packages due to the objection of some Shiite political blocs, while suggesting to the satisfaction of reference “caution” to those reforms.

The newspaper said in a report: “In the time that escalate the protest demonstrations and mobility popular to demand that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi further reforms that exceed the frames formalism, Abadi decided to cease further decisions and packets reform temporarily preparing to fight the implementation of those decisions and packages that may collide objections of the political blocs which began mass «Badr» which called on him yesterday , to provide an explanation to exempt a number of its ministers.

“The newspaper quoted a source close to the al-Abadi said, that” there is no reform packages will be launched in the coming period or in a cabinet session scheduled for tomorrow, “attributing the cause to” beams reform launched by the government, which needs to implement and to take the legal course because it includes Diwaniyah orders.

“did not deny the source exposure Abadi, pressured by political parties, as well as the existence of obstacles to« the march of reform », but he stressed that” al-Abadi past in the application of the reform packages announced by, and launch more of them In response to the desire of the street. ”