Warriors US: Iraqi politicians have corrupted our sacrifices

Warriors US: Iraqi politicians have corrupted our sacrifices

August 24 .2015 – 13:59

Warriors US - Iraqi politicians have corrupted our sacrificesSumer News / Follow-up

Americans watching the old warriors in Iraq bitterly escalating trend “jihadist” in the country, and express their anger because their efforts went in vain because of “sectarian” Iraqi leaders, and the decision of US President Barack Obama’s troop withdrawal at the end of 2011.

Says a former officer who specializes in counter-insurgency operations activities, John Nagel said he was “angry and grief and bitterness,” he continued, “the number of killed a significant number of my friends and Iraqis to be an opportunity for Iraq to become a free and stable country.”

He added that “the Iraqi and US governments were committed serious mistakes could have been avoided, and Avsdta all these sacrifices.”

A view supported by former Colonel Paul Hughes in Iraq, which has become works at the US Institute of Peace, who said “I do not want any soldier that looks back to remember the sacrifices that have been submitted and to note that it did not lead to anything.”

A study conducted in April for the newspaper “Washington Post”, that 50 percent of veterans believe that the war in Iraq were not worth waging, but 87 percent say they are proud to participate.

He noted officials at the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) despair veterans in Iraq at the spiraling jihadism in Iraq, Gen. Martin Dempsey, the top US officer on his account on the Facebook “Like many of you was disappointed to the speed of the deterioration of the situation in Iraq and the disintegration of the Iraqi units are several, but I’m proud what we have achieved, we have provided the Iraqi people a unique opportunity for a better future, nothing will affect this achievement. ”

The US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, who was critical of US policy in Iraq that the United States “has done everything in its power to help the Iraqis” after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, but many are skeptical about the health of President Barack Obama’s decision to withdraw troops from the country at the end of 2011 after the rejection of the Iraqi leaders give them the legal protection they claim.

Said Major Andrew Rohr, on Facebook, he said that the war in Iraq, “Iraqi problem is what we will be able to be settled not in a hundred years.”

Veterans Association against the war in Iraq and reject any new US involvement in Iraq. She said in a statement that “some of us who went to Iraq knows very well that the American military solutions in this country is not in the interest of Iraqis.” Said John Nagel, an expert on counter-insurgency that he “did not know if the situation can be reversed because things took a turn for the worse.”