Reference “al-Sistani,” calling for the trial of al-Maliki and alludes to the possibility “political retirement”

Leading chest: Reference “al-Sistani,” calling for the trial of al-Maliki and alludes to the possibility “political retirement”

Posted 23/08/2015 09:09 AM

Reference al-Sistani - calling for the trial of al-Maliki and alludes to the possibility political retirementA leading figure in the “call” party, which is headed by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki about the existence of serious divisions within the Shiite alliance, who leads the government of Haider al-Abadi and within the “call” party about the situation in whether the judiciary decided Maliki trial against the backdrop of the Commission of Inquiry report.

The leader of the Sadr told Arab newspapers, that “the religious authority, Ali al-Sistani, supports the line in the Shiite alliance and advocacy, which supports the judiciary to deal with al-Maliki, and not excluded from any trial in the case was convicted, and that al-Sistani hinted in one of his letters to the Shiite alliance leaders that he could for the owners to leave political life because of his eight years in the presidency of the government and caused all this havoc, corruption and the control of the terrorists on the big cities. “He stressed that” this is the first time that the trading idea being that Maliki leave political life and could be a satisfactory solution to prevent split Dawa Shiite Alliance on previous policies and the fall of Mosul and thus leave the political work may create his move to Iran and live there until the end of the reforms and rebuild the country. “did not rule out the leader of the” Sadrists “be the subject of leaving Maliki’s political life was linked to the abolition of the posts of Vice Presidency of the Republic because the purpose of this step is the man mainly because he was acting like a head of government is not as Vice President of the Republic and therefore all the conditions might be ripe, abolish the post of Vice President and demonstrations against corruption and reforms Abadi Finally, the Commission of Inquiry report the fall of Mosul to leave the political work. He to “the existence of serious discussions within the Dawa Party to step down from the party presidency and the presidency of a coalition of state law, and if these attempts succeeded would be al-Maliki in a very difficult situation because it will not find a political force protected and defended so you may be pushed to leave politics and Iraq to Iran”. He said that pursuit of some in the Shiite alliance to protect al-Maliki and coverage on policies destroyer will mean that the coalition itself will be involved in the fall of Mosul and all the results of this corruption, so it may be a step down a man for all his posts and partisan political represents protect the process of the Shiite alliance because it may be accused of supporting the error of these policies. He warned from being dragged behind the positions of some in the Shiite alliance that you want to portray Maliki trial as the trial of the Shiites and the Sunnis and the Kurds are behind this issue because it is a sectarian and unrealistic idea, highlighted the defendants in the fall of Mosul Senayan two city province Liberation of Iraq and the police chief Khalid al-Hamdani.