Maliki threatened on charges of laundering of the largest funds in the administration of Iraq

Maliki threatened on charges of laundering of the largest funds in the administration of Iraq

First Published: 2015-08-19

Maliki threatened on charges of laundering of the largest funds in the administration of IraqAbadi form a committee to investigate the diversion of large sums of money abroad to file, to the accounts of former Prime Minister or to his family and to the leaders of the Dawa party.


BAGHDAD – Iraqi parliamentary sources said that the issue of facilitation of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is located, to the process of handing the city of Mosul to the organization of the Islamic State, may be obscured by the tree that forest administrative and financial corruption during his reign.

She stressed that the financial transfers carried out by al-Maliki for six years, either through the Central Bank or through exchange companies, hovering around the suspicions of many of the large amounts around the outside to own accounts or for the accounts of his family and leaders of the Dawa Party, which is headed.

It noted, that the financial transfers files to the owners and his family in the central Iraqi, carrying high uncertainty, especially on the issue of disclosure of the sources of those funds transferred out of the country, and specifically to the banks “Alberivc” in Switzerland, estimated at billions of dollars.

She said, if it comes to this time the largest money laundering operation in the history of Iraq.

And it revealed, that the prime minister Haider al-Abadi form part of his plan to combat corruption, a government commission will soon begin to open financial transfers files outside conducted by his predecessor, to work in parallel with the mini-financial committee set up by Parliament to follow up on money laundering in the central bank file or transfer large sums of money out of the country accused Maliki of being behind it.

It is expected to be forwarded the files of corruption related to al-Maliki and members of his family and leaders of his party, to the judiciary after the completion of the State Committee and the Finance Committee tables, check remittances and sources records.

The sources suggested the involvement of many former officials who were appointed by al-Maliki to facilitate the looting of Iraqi funds operations.

And was the former officials, including Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi, had predicted the outbreak of scandals of this kind. They said corruption Nuri al-Maliki him indefinitely.

According to Chairman of the Integrity Commission, the Council of Representatives of Iraq Talal Zobaie, the Commission has made so far in the case of nearly 580 financial corruption, it has so far included 66 Iraqi officials led by al-Maliki.

Observers believe, that the former Prime Minister, managed to complex network within the Iraqi state building, and appointed hundreds of officials shields to cover up or to facilitate the suspicious transactions, both of which political, such as targeting opponents Balmkaid or distortion across dozens of his loyal sites, or financial, including the processes related to transactions of arms, and projects fake financial transfers abroad.

Moses was Faraj, head of the former Integrity, 2014 has confirmed that the penetration of corruption in the heart of the Iraqi state since 2003, and deepened during the reign of al-Maliki.

He spoke in the book “the story of corruption in Iraq,” that the leaders of corruption, mafia manages the state and are mainly of politicians and senior officials. He said that corruption was one of the most important reasons that led to the fall of one-third of Iraq, however, the organization of the Islamic state.

He explained, that politicians have reduced the Iraqi people components and component parties and the party and those closest confidant lining.

The report of the Network ‘NPR’ US, has also revealed that Washington seems fully convinced that the former Prime Minister stop obstacle fight against corruption in Iraq, to ​​disrupt the work of the Integrity Commission which functions of the prosecution and eradication of corruption to provide those involved to justice.