US Republican candidate: Iraq will be divided to three parts

US Republican candidate: Iraq will be divided to three parts

08/18/2015 12:46 GMT

US Republican candidate - Iraq will be divided to three partsFollow-up – and babysit – said the presidential candidate for the US elections for the Republican Party John Kasic, Tuesday, Iraq to disintegrate into three parts, as pointed out that US President Barack Obama was supposed to stay on one base in Iraq before withdrawing from it in 2011.
The agency quoted a “CNN” for Kasic, saying, “I would not enter myself in the Iraqi file, and as you can see it now and eventually will end up in Iraq, mostly to the division of the three parts.”

And on the opinion aggressively US President Barack Obama to withdraw US troops from Iraq Kasic said, “it was necessary for us to maintain the one-Qaeda in Iraq, at least.” He Kasic, that “the Kurds allies are good to us, and we must be aware of their needs for some things and balancing it against Turkey , which turns into a problem for us on that level, “.obescan” terrorism “and suicide bombings, said the Republican candidate,” all religions in the world to stand up and say to suicide that if he proceeded to blow yourself up women and children are innocent and you think you will go to paradise you suffer from the problem and you’re crazy, but we will take you picked up in your prison for the rest of your life most likely. ”

He announced the US Army chief of staff of the outgoing General Raymond Odierno, on Thursday (August 13, 2015) to achieve reconciliation between Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq more difficult, considering that the division of this country, “may be the only solution” to settle the sectarian conflict that has torn.