Obama has three options in the event of refusal of Congress nuclear deal

Obama has three options in the event of refusal of Congress nuclear deal

08/16/2015 17:32

Obama has three options in the event of refusal of Congress nuclear dealBAGHDAD / Obelisk: Once again, members of the US Congress stands at the crossroads of the vote for the US interest and the vote for the sake of the Israeli entity, when the vote on the topic of “rejected” the nuclear deal with Iran in September at a time when the Prime Minister of the Israeli entity Benjamin Netanyahu presses US Congress to reject the agreement.

That more members of the US Congress did not take any damage due to give priority to Israeli interests to US interests and did not face difficulties in re-election as members of Congress, but it has them primacy of US interests on the Israeli interest was defeated in the elections that took place after it lost his seat in Congress, and this reality US There has become a bitter reality in America that no one loses his seat because of electoral provide unlimited support for the Israeli entity.

Although it seems that the choice in front of members of Congress now has not been clear and fateful to this extent Members of Congress should take a decision to reject or accept a nuclear deal with Iran and that any decision taken by them will not be without consequences certainly.

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, a senior who wants access to the Presidency of the Democrats in the US Senate oath of allegiance to the Israeli entity was announced and said he would reject the nuclear deal with Iran, this shows that even a third of the members of Congress will not vanquish the American interests to Israeli interests.

The question now is what will happen if he Netanyahu defeat Barack Obama in the US Congress and what will be the response Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry on such defeat resounding and alleged to ridicule, which not seen any US president Wi-US Secretary of State prior to this?

To answer we can say that in front of Obama’s three options, namely:

Obama would accept the humiliation and the same contempt and humiliation of his country and will drag the tails of disappointment in the remaining 16 months of his term and make-hwan.

Obama will travel to the American people in front of them and will announce that he will no longer wants to be in the top of the pyramid of executive power in the country prefer two-thirds of his deputies to the benefit of a foreign party and the interests of their country, Obama would step down from power.

Make it clear that Netanyahu’s behavior without reply and the consequences and pay nationalist sentiment Obama to save the standing and independence of his country by supporting or not to use the veto against the efforts of the Palestinian government to achieve full membership in the United Nations and to support or not to veto the Security Council resolution by the UN to impose meaningful sanctions on Israeli entity until the full withdrawal of this entity from the occupied Palestinian territories and the Syrian Golan Heights or the Obama Netanyahu to challenge directly.

With regard to Kerry is expected to resign and run again for the Democratic nomination for the presidency of the country with a focus on reviving the independence and prestige of America.

Show all indications so far that the dispute between Obama and Netanyahu about the nuclear deal with Iran is the most intense and that members of the US Congress would prefer Israeli interest on the US interest and it seems that the differences between Obama and Netanyahu on the one hand and between the US President and Congress on the other hand will increase the closer the date of the vote on the nuclear deal in Congress so that Obama will stand in front of the three options that we have mentioned to probably choose the first option either first second option.