Abadi: the reform does not include the abandonment of staff and published communication sites for corruption is not true

Abadi: the reform does not include the abandonment of staff and published communication sites for corruption is not true [expanded]

14/8/2015 4:34 p.m.

Abadi - the reform does not include the abandonment of staff and published communication sites for corruption is not true[Baghdad – where]
confirmed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that the reform announced by the government does not include the abandonment of staff, noting that there is a huge information pumped into the Internet and social sites “Facebook” to communicate about corruption is incorrect.
Ebadi said on Friday, during his speech in the Iraqi Youth Forum, he said that “young people are the driving force of society and not underestimate them, Without a driving force can not accomplish anything, as the ideas you need to from inflicted reality and young people better than doing this,” referring to “The young people must take their role as young people at this stage”.
And on the reforms approved by the Cabinet and voted on by the House of Representatives, Abadi said “There are some political groups welcomed and supported the reforms, others are opposed, some trying to encircling them, as they added some paragraphs in the documents of the reform, good looks apparent, but in the subconscious wants to be hampered as much as possible. ”
With regard to the reduction of the number of protections officials received under the reforms, he noted that “there are officials have protection up to 900 personnel,” pointing out that “protect me personal 39 people”, He explained, “When the refraction of the security forces have been leaders in the field guide to progress to encourage the fighters, and there were sometimes loss of leaders, so we send out the caution and pay units to fight.”
He pointed Abadi, that “in the Ministry of Defense there are 12-13 thousand member to protect the officials, In the interior there are about 20 thousand to protect officials, while there are about 10 000 of the elements of protection for members of the House of Representatives They are contract workers. ”
and on unemployment and employment, he noted that “as a result of the security situation and terrorism headed the state to create jobs by appointment, and was pull the energies of the private sector to the government and consumed the Iraqi state resources “, pointing out that” the reform process do not include the abandonment of staff, but also improve the administrative situation and the creation of new jobs, “noting that” the state’s duty to provide ways to accommodate young people, and the responsibility of young people that watch the same and have a noble goal if there are gatherings of young people to help people with disabilities. ”
He explained that “the price of a barrel of oil was in the previous $ 100, so the expanded state spending was pulled workers from the private sector, and now dropped the price per barrel below the limit laid out in the budget, and this fall tremendous and we have a real problem because the size of salaries is very large and retirement, as the oil imports amounted to 23 trillion dinars, which forced us to resort to other means in order to get money. ”
He said our spending no matter what, there is a poor layer must maintain the social Kalraih and farmers and peasants as not deduct their entitlements, “pointing out that” the world sees us are serious about reforms and we are ready to make tough decisions. ”
And on the rumors in social networking sites about corruption, Abadi stressed, “there is a huge information pumped into online is incorrect, Facebook contains a lot of information Incorrect, it must check the information, and more information on corruption is incorrect and there is incorrect numbers and accusation is not true, and through the experience, the more who are spreading incorrect information they corrupt themselves, for wasting the truth, “.anthy